Thursday, December 25, 2008

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's A Tip

Fashionista's definitely don't need any extra help finding sales, you can't turn your head without seeing or hearing 50%, 60%, or even 80% off items at some of the fav stores. It's been an amazingly frugalicious month of Christmas shopping for sure! That being said, be wary of the sales. While these high percentages off might sound budget that doesn't mean that you can walk out of a store with two shopping bags full of stuff for a pittance. And while I am preaching it to you now I wasn't following it a few days ago and I thought everyone can use a reminder from time to time.

With my arms full of heaping piles of fabulous clothes I made my way to the cash wrap at New York & Co. not knowing what kind of serious damage I had done. The original plan was the pick up a few things for my mom, especially after I saw those big red sale signs but, I ended up going absolutely completely utterly off the deep end buying things for my disillusioned self. So, when I made it to the register I was honestly surprised when I racked up a +$200.00 bill. Completely caught off guard I threw down the plastic but was so bothered that I couldn't enjoy my surprisingly delicious food court fare or any of the subsequent shopping.

The most frustrating part of this had to be when I got home and started to go through my loads of purchases. The stuff I got for my mom was solid but under a more critical eye not all the things I picked out for myself were quite right; some of them didn't fit, some of them weren't necessary, and they were obviously just picked up in the heat of the moment. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in myself. That being said, after going through everything once I can see what isn't exactly right and alot of it needs to be taken back. Now, I didn't only waste my time but now I have to waste my money on gas. Lesson learned! Now I pass it on to you... don't be sucked in by the sale, take a deep breath, think about what you need, try it on, and be as judgemental as possible because you need to absolutely love everything in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Gift Ideas

While going through my spam I realized that there were a few more affordable yet fabulous gift ideas that got sent there. It's a good thing I thought to check! So we're closing in on the big holidays with ridiculous rapidity and you might be stuck wondering what to get those last few friends of family. I understand, I don't think I've ever felt less festive and more stressed but, I know the minute I get the gifts wrapped and under that tree (which I still need to get) I will be Santa She Spys. Plus, I still need to make my annual trip to Saks 5th Ave and see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree which will also help but, I digress.

Onward with gift ideas... The fashionista is always one of the hardest people to shop for because they have great (probably expensive) taste, they are generally good at spotting deals, and almost always end up buying the things that they really want for themselves. That being said, I haven't met a fashionista who didn't absolutely love Project Runway. With its imminent move to Lifetime we can all relive the glory days with Project Runway design kits. You can design handbags, clothes, and even something for your pet! They cover everything from hair, makeup, and jewelry to even the models. It's a fabulous and budget way of surprising those people who never know what they want because they've bought it all for themselves already or it's too fabulous to be affordable.

For people who love lotions and potions there is a personal fav of mine Lush. Although the items are a little more expensive than some stuff it is one hundred times better quality which in my opinion makes it worth it. They have gift sets and all that but they tend to run on the more expensive side. The most thoughtful gift is the one you make yourself anyway so why not pick a few choice items for your friends and make your own personalized set? My first pick was the Emotibomb (which apparently is sold out), simply place the wonder ball on the shower floor directly beneath the water flow — as the warm stream hits it, a wonderful fragrant steam will fill the room. Their lip balms are also awesome, smell and taste great, and do the job right. The soaps are awesome too. Put them together and you have a great personalized spin on the typical body lotion and splash from Bath and Body Works.

And just for fun, if you have an oddball friend who is into the random things I would reccomend Oxygen Plus. O+ is 90 percent pure, recreational oxygen that elevates your energy, increases alertness and restores your get up and go. O+ provides a convenient, natural way to give yourself a boost. give O+. I pulled the scrip from a newsletter and thing the term "recreational oxygen" is hilarious, and your friend probably will too.

So keep on keeping on with the season, but don't forget to take some time for yourself. I know that I've been running around like a crazy person and while I was at work decorating the office tree and spreading Christmas joy it made me want to buy my tree and festify my home. This weekend: Boston, when I get back: Decoration because I can't believe I haven't done it already...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Overflowing Inbox

I'm one of those people, like most, who love to be in the know. So, I keep it up by reading zines, blogs, and of course email newsletters. I get so many that if I don't keep it in check my inbox will be flooded with over 100 emails a day, with maybe 5 that are personal. That being said I have sifted through the fluff and found a few cute potential gift items for you holiday shoppers that are running out of ideas for friends (or for your own wish list).

First there are gifts for the eco-friendly friend. I know that shopping for a person that doesn't want factory pollutant, mass produced gifts can be difficult. Alot of things that are good for the environment are more time consuming to make, not in high demand and at the same time trendy, etc. which makes them pricey and hard to find. That being said, ReMake Its Recycled Gift Kits are really cool. They have a do it yourself mentality which I love and are pretty inexpensive. My favorite is the Wine Cork Trivet which paired with a bottle of inexpensive yet delicious wine (might I recommend the Smoking Loon Merlot or Recession Red) puts your friend on the road to eco-fabulousness for around $20. I also like the Magazine Envelopes and the Bottle Cap Magnets.

This next one is something that could be for anyone who doesn't like cumbersome winter hats. With one of the coldest winters in a long time coming this year it will definitely be handy. This Sweater Floral Earwarmer from Urban Outfitters isn't your mama's fleece earwarmer headband, that's for sure. And thank goodness because I want to rip the one that my mother wears off her head and throw it away but, I digress. They have three colors online but it also came in a gorgeous winter white that you still might be able to find in stores if you go on a hunt. I totally wanted that for myself but after spending a pretty penny on winter hats in Bryant Park a few weeks ago I think it would be prudent to wait and see if someone reads this post and gets it for me.

Lastly, you could really use some affordable fun stuff for yourself after being on the hunt for everyone else. I would recommend hitting up a local Target in a week or two and seeing if they have put out the Thakoon or Hayden Harnett capsule collections. Both are supposed to hit the stores after Christmas on 12/28 but I know the store by me always puts them out at least 3 or 4 days early and that means, less items to choose from when the official release date comes. You might find something you absolutely love, try it on, and want to buy it. I would recommend stalking it online and waiting till they mark it down. It might take a few weeks but in the end it's worth it, winter is still upon us and those things will be just as fabulous and wearable when marked down.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Inspiration & Literature

You might ask what drives me to keep up with this blog. I will admit sometimes things get busy or stressful and it becomes quite the challenge which results in lapsed posts. But, I am trying to keep it consistent and I look for inspiration all around me. Besides my new outlook on shopping there has been one other thing that bought me back hardcore and that is watching ridiculously unnecessary amounts of What Not To Wear re-runs on TLC. Actually, I was even watching them just now during lunch. I love Stacy and Clinton! They are too funny and as complicated as it might seem their fashion rules are really simple and easy to integrate into your life. It led me to do my own closet purge (which, by the way, I want to write a book about) and I got rid of so many things, 12 large shopping bags to be exact. Honestly, it is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself and if you want to get it started but need help email She Spys.

Now I am going to do the most unusual of things for a fashion and sales blog, a book review. That's right, fashion is everywhere! Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That's Right for Your Body by Stacy & Clinton covers every type of body for both men and women telling you how to dress the best for your shape. That being said the book is a bit overrated although, the B&N sale price isn't bad. I mean, you only need to know how to dress yourself, not everyone else. I suggest going to a Barnes & Noble, Borders, or whatever else (I'm non-partisan about book stores) and finding it then, taking some notes. One thing that I found a bit invaluable was the list of items that make a complete wardrobe. I always wonder how they rebuild women's wardrobes after they tear them down. I know they are professionals but that's alot to remeber!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazing Sale

With the world in an economic stupor it has only meant good things for us frugal ladies. Granted, everyone had to be more discerning when it comes to spending money but overall you can get higher caliber goods for low low prices.

That being said, Ann Taylor Loft is having a ridiculous sale! From $6.98 and $9.99 up in store, and a few good items on the web. Those low ticket items are Final Sale but, if you try it on and love it there should be no problem there. And I love their stuff overall for business casual & casual wear. In my local store the super sale items encompassed more than just one paltry free standing rack so there was a good selection to choose from.

Now, that all being said... don't go crazy. Buy what you need and what looks great on you! What's the point in getting great deals if you buy a bunch of fluff for no reason other than the price. I guarantee you it will sit in your closet forever, or until you do some spring cleaning.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Kudos to everyone who made it out there for black friday shopping! I was pleased to hear that even with this economic mess overall black friday was on par with past years in terms of consumer spending, if nothing else. Curiously enough, I also heard that there were less people.

With the state of my personal finances I definitely have to rethink little things that I was partaking in on a regular basis that could be construed as unnecessary. When looking over things I did some math and realized that getting my nails done (manicure only) could end up costing me (or my mom) almost $520.00 a year. That's money that could be spent on serious stuff like bills, groceries, etc. with maybe a little left over for a new pair of shoes but, I digress. I figured that manicures can't be all that difficult and have resolved to do my own nails each week! After all, practice makes perfect and to save that kind of money it's definately worth a try.

Here's what I've learned:
  • Remove any former polish using a good remover. Don't use anything with gelatin, it makes it harder to rub the polish off.
  • When filing you nails, less it more. Work with the natural shape of your nails which for me (and many other women) is square-ish. While filing them, round the edges because when they are too pointy they crack and chip, not to mention scratch.
  • If your cuticles are beast then you can try to trim them. Although, I recommend getting a manicure once a month so they can do that for you. In the interim you can use a cuticle moisturizing cream and use an orangewood stick to push them back.
  • Now, you can start painting. With any good paint job you need to start with a good base. This is where a general rule comes in. Spending a little more on these products is totally worth it because you will still save tons in the end. Invest in a bottle of my fav base coat! This will make your manicure stay, my nails jobs now last longer than when I went to get them done at the salon.
  • You can choose whatever color you like but again I recommend going with higher quality, I like Essie Wicked for the colder months and Starter Wife or similar sheer pinky colors for the warmer months. These will last you a long time. You should paint two coats on your nails. And, you shouldn't lay the first coat on too thick. The second one can be a little thicker to cover up any imperfections. If you go over the line while painting, that being your cuticle, you can dip a q-tip in nail polish remover and touch it up or you can use a nail corrector pen. I picked one up at my local beauty supply shop and it works great, much more precise than a q-tip which is great because I'm not that delicate.
  • Lastly you need a good top coat to seal the deal. I like OPI Nail Envy. It was recommended by the owner of the nails salon by my house and is the perfect compliment to Seche Base. My nails are stronger than ever. You can follow up during the week with additional top coats to keep your mani fresh!
  • I recommend carrying a nail file in your car or purse so that just in case one of your lovelies breaks you can file it back into shape instead of being tempted to pick at it or bite. What good was all that work if you don't maintain?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


But first, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! Don't worry about the calories and squeezing into your fav jeans or that little black dress, you should be allowed a cheat day and honestly one day isn't going to undo all your hard work. I, for one, can't eat the mounds of food that are splayed out before me anyway. Just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean my stomach has doubled in size but, I digress.

Any good deal seeking individual is revving up for the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday! Frankly, you don't want to be dealing with the crazy people and the crowds if you are not prepared. I will give you a few steps that will make your Black Friday Shopping the most efficient thing you've ever done... yes, shopping can be efficient.

First and foremost, make a list of everyone you want to get gifts for and try to categorize them by how much money you want to spend. While your mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, etc. might be in the higher up area you definitely don't want to spend the same amount of money on Dad's GPS navi that you do on your Kris Kringle at work.

I pride myself on being able to do my Christmas shopping for friends and acquaintances for $10-$20 bucks. It takes some serious dedication and lots of creativity but it's totally worth it when your friend opens their gift, loves it, and while they think you spent mad money you spent practically nothing.

Second, you need to check out the Black Friday fliers. Most companies have posted or mailed them so that you have an idea of what their deals are going to be like and what the door buster items are going to be. For those of you who have never been Black Friday shopping understand that while the door-busters are amazingly cheap there are only 8-15 of them in each store. So while you think that you can show up at 5 in the morning and get the $398 laptop/printer combo at Best Buy, you are wrong because 5 is when the doors open not when they start handing out the tickets. I would recommend showing up at 2 and waiting outside because there are going to be lots of people who will be there at that time or perhaps even earlier. Wear lots of layers and bring a chair or a buddy so you can wait in shifts.

After cross referencing the fliers and your list you should have a good idea of where you need to go to get your gifts so you can plot the course that you will be taking when you wake up before the sun rises and know what stores to hit first. Obviously I would do door-buster stores first, then in order of what time they open. If you have specific items in mind it helps to go with a friend or two so you can send them off to help you. I bring my brother because he has no other loyalties or people to buy gifts for.

Now on to items that I think are worth heading out for, I'll try to group them by store.

  • Old Navy: While I'm kind of over their clothes for the most part they are offering a really cool Black Friday deal, a Free Mp3 player with $20 purchase, while supplies last. I'd like to give it to my mom who would think it was cool but never want to spend the money on a Mp3 player. Maybe for you a little sister, brother, or cousin. And for my $20 purchase I would probably get pajamas for my aunt or someone, and maybe something for myself because I have a gift certificate.
  • Best Buy: For the techy people in your life, there are tons of computers, computer accessories, camera, gps's and such on sale. But for me and my frugal gift giving I'm probably going to hit up the $4.99 DVD section, it's great if you have an inside joke with friend or whatever and you can find the DVD that exemplifies it, and you still have $15 to spend on other stuff. Of you can get some seasons for $14.99 which is awesome too and that's alot of hours of tv watching. See it can be done.
  • Kmart, Target, and Kohl's are on my list also for all the filler bits. You kinds just have to walk around and think hard about who you might be able to give the things you see to but it can be worth it.
  • Ann Taylor Loft: For me, They are having 25% off everything until noon, and there is this gorgeous dress that I want for fancy occasions so I might have to stop by and pick it up.

So overall: don't eat too much turkey (tryptophan bad), wake up early, make a list, make a travel plan, and stick with it! Shopping can be efficient and economical... and my boyfriend just had a heart attack somewhere I should call and make sure he's ok.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're Back!

She Spys knows that in these troubling economic times you want the most for your buck while still maintaining a certain style. We can help you in a variety of ways from finding you great deals on your gifting to picking out the perfect party outfit during the holidays. Maybe, you want to give someone the gift of style, we offer gift certificates for whatever services you feel are needed. Or, if you just feel you need a change: personal style evaluations, closet purges, and so much more. We’ll go anywhere in the tri-state area to get you what you need, or take you along if you like. We charge a genuinely nominal hourly fee, no percentage of purchase price or travel fees like other personal shoppers. Email, ASAP and get the most fabulous, yet frugal shopping you've ever done started!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mother Shops Best

My mom is all about pumping up the local economy, which isn't necessarily a bad idea since the recessions has hit and businesses seem to be closing left and right then... store fronts stay empty. Depressing. That being said, sometimes little local boutiques aren't the most cost efficient places to shop because the pieces are one of a kind and it's overall not the same nature as big business where when they cut their losses they cut them hard, I love you Target.

All that being said we went shopping because my teacher mom needed somehting to wear on a school trip and out we went to Loehmann's. Loehmann's is a great place to get serious deals on designer items, granted they are usually a season (or more) past but who cares if it's nothing too trendy. I had long since forgotten about the wonderment of this store because I lacked the time (and patience) to sort through racks of clothes to get the uber deal. But, while momma was shopping I definately had the time.

I got some seriously awesome stuff!!! Try a Marc Jacobs jacket $225.00 off, a Catherine Malandrino dress $425.00 off, gorgeous Wd-Ny skirt $90.00 off, and a gorgeous Atelier blouse $90.00 off! Total spent... less than $200.00!!! And my mom bought me everything except the Marc Jacobs jacket, we can't win them all but I totally feel like I made out just fine. Shop at Loehmann's when you have the time it's totally worth it!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Back

Italy was great but I'm not going to lie if you could speak a language other than English you should do that the entire time your there and mask your American-ness. That's my two cents.

On another Italy note I got led down an ally at a street fair in Florence to a inexpensive bag heaven. After shopping all week for souvenirs I needed to do a little somehting for myself to celebrate my trip. The one of a kind bags that I found at the leather school in Santa Croce were way too expensive and all my hope rested on the fair. Going through booth after booth I thought I would never find anything for me. Enter crazy Italian lady dragging me to sales... I got two Avorio bags for $200, not Euros... bucks!

On my return home I was immediately inundated with Sex and the City stuff: posters, commercials, emails with offers. There are some things that I loved:
  • First of all the bathing suit that Miranda was wearing on girly weekend when Samantha points out her bush (I know you've at least seen the previews) is fabulous! I wanted it but $350 is way too much for a bathing suit. I'm on the hunt now for a more inexpensive one.
  • I found the love keychain that Jennifer Hudson was sporting on Shop Intuition because everyone needs a 18K gold plated keychain...
  • Supposedly this bag was held by SJP aka Carrie in the movie but I don't remember seeing it. Good thing I'll probably be going again with my gf as soon as we can make a date. I'll be looking out for it. It comes in different colors on Piperlime... maybe green. I'm thinking I might make the splurge!
I need to get to work but... I'll be keeping my eye out for sales and deals now that I'm back!

Friday, May 16, 2008

For The Crafty Ones

Everyone knows the Kelly bag, made famous by the fabulous Grace Kelly. So iconic that Hermès is no longer producing them because of the staggering demand. If you can recall Samantha in Sex and the City lying to Hermès saying the bag was for Lucy Lui... Even if she had pulled it off, we can't. You can always get a used one on eBay but it will cost you a fortune. Print out the pattern, fold along the lines, decorate, and voila: your own iconic Kelly bag. It really is the only free thing you’ll ever get from Hermès.

Sales In The City

Here's what I hear from Daily Candy...

Wardrobe-NYC Designer Sample Sale
At a neat suite in SoHo, dig through racks of designer gems for ladies (Christian Lacroix dresses, Prada bags, DVF tops, Carolina Herrera gowns, Pucci skirts) and a selection of suiting for men — all at up to 80 percent off.
Why: This means war-drobe.
When: Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 80 Varick St., b/t Watts & Grand St., ste. 4c. R.S.V.P. to

A.P.C. Overstock Sale
What: Madras sandals are $34 (reg. $76), cardigans are $60 (reg. $299), shirtdresses are $50 (reg. $213), men’s blazers are $100 (reg. $390).
Why: A.P.C. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.
When: Fri.-Sun., noon-7 p.m.
Where: 35 Grand St., at Kent Ave., B’burg (347-381-3193)

Project Runway: On The Rise

With the fifth season of Project Runway airing in July all the fashionista can get their TiVo or DVR ready with blast from the past on HSN. That's right Season 4 finalist Rami Kashou has designed a one of a kind limited edition dress that debuted yesterday for SCOOP on HSN. It was the one year anniversary of Scoop Style which allows everyone all over the country to shop the fabulousness that is SCOOP NYC. Rami Kashou, might as well have been transported from ancient Greece with his chic draping style, and this chic little dress available in black, rich peacock, lime pop and vintage sea foam is a testament to that. Although the dress costs $280, with such a fabulous limited time offer, it has been wait-listed/sold out in the time that I am sitting on my computer and typing this up (no joke)On another note, Season Five will be the final season of Project Runway to air on Bravo, due to its future movement to Lifetime. The owner of Bravo, NBC, is filing a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company, producers of Project Runway, alleging breach of contract. I'm not sure the details but it doesn't seem like this is the best move for Project Runway, ick Lifetime.

From My Inbox

This seemed really cool so I figured I would pass it on. It makes me want to go bar hopping!

Dying to be in with the in crowd, or at least have somewhere to show off your new party frock? Strap on your Balenciagas and catwalk over to these fashion-forward bars and lounges to party with the fashionistas and drunkorexics who mean it when their jeans say “Rich and Skinny.” Sip decadent (yet lo-cal, of course) cocktails while debating serious issues like the Nina Garcia-Elle Magazine fallout.

The Dressing Room


453 W. 17th St. (9th & 10th Aves.)
Meatpacking District 212.242.1111
Assuming you’re on the list to get in—you probably won’t get in otherwise—you might find that this exclusive, overpriced Chelsea club is “1 joke”—but nonetheless, this hotspot attracts rich boys and the models who adore them. Celeb-gawkers come here to crash parties by the likes of Stavros Nachios, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. Just don’t leave your mink coat lying around here—regular Lindsay Lohan has some serious klepto tendencies.

Cellar Bar @ The Bryant Park Hotel
40 W. 40th St. (5th & 6th Aves.)
Midtown 212.642.2260
When fashion week descends on Manhattan, this hotel bar is the place to see and be seen between shows. The rest of the year, only the beautiful and the couture-clad are granted entrance to this high end cocktail den. Prepare to shell out the same amount of cash that you paid for your cocktail dress for a few of the bar’s pricey signature drinks like the Cellar Sling—Bombay gin, homemade lemon sour mix, and candied black cherries.

4 E. 28th St. (5th & Madison Aves.)
Gramercy 212.677.6016
Is your catwalk more fierce than those newbies on America’s Next Top Model? Strut your stuff at this headshot-adorned nightclub featuring a long runway down the center for drunken walk-off competitions. Anyone wielding a Blackberry can get past the doorman, so unless your job pays your dry cleaning bill, watch out for the vodka-sloshing Jersey frat boys who frequent this nightclub on weekends.

247 W. 37 St. (7th & 8th Aves.)
Garment District 212.852.4826
By far the hippest bar in the Garment District, Stitch is the after-work watering hole for the fashion set. Stylists and designers congregate here to compare notes and outfits and discuss all that’s too hot to trot in the fashion world. The go-to
spot for private events hosted by designers like Rebecca Taylor, this enormous bar and lounge always has something going on—check out its calendar of live music events.

The Dressing Room
75A Orchard St. (Broome & Grand Sts.)
Lower East Side 212.966.7330
While most Lower East Siders stumble around in search of crepes and dumplings when they’ve had one too many, the fashion crowd heads to The Dressing Room to shop ‘til they drop. In addition to a full-service bar, this emerging designer co-op and vintage boutique has a selection of unique garments running the gamut from $3 to $3,000. Spend according your level of alcohol consumption, or try bartering the Manolos off your feet for a one-of-a-kind dress made by a recent FIT grad.

The Hanger Bar
217 E. 3rd St. (Aves. B & C)
East Village 212.228.1030

Spend too much money on couture to afford all those fancy cocktails? The Hanger Bar and boutique understands your priorities—here you can shop for Chanel while enjoying $4 drink specials. Can’t afford to pre-order Halston for fall? Console yourself with “The Halston” at the bar instead, one of the many delectable cocktails named after the icons of fashion and sure to get you fashionably drunk.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For Deals (This Week)

The POSH Sale has been New York's leading fashion fundraiser for over 35 years; and this year I hear it's more exciting than ever! The 2008 sale includes fashions for women, men and children from the likes of Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Jimmy Choo, Oscar de la Renta and more! On May 14th-17th (today-Sat) celeb chair Kim Cattrall invites you to shop and get a peek at donations from Joan Rivers, Lauren Bacall and Matthew Modine, to name a few. Proceeds from the POSH sale benefit services for people who are blind or visually impaired. Fill a bag for $30, and with a student ID you can get in for $5! Maybe this will be my last huzzah as a student... If your not tickets for one day are $10 so it's not breaking the bank and you can get your tickets in advance. We'll see how I feel about spending more money, this might have to wait till next year, good thing it's an annual event.

If you have been saving up your pennies for a high end designer bag, this might be a better investment. Why pay full price if you can get a gently used, looks like new bag, at a serious discount? I have a limited edition color, no longer manufactured, Louis Vuitton bag that was previously owned but in mint condition that was a quarter of the cost because of that fact. Shop the largest collection of CHANEL bags assembled outside of CHANEL, a 30 year collection of many one of a kind pieces, never before seen, many from runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris! Featuring LadyBag International the LARGEST collection of new and mint vintage designer handbags in the country! Friday & Saturday Only!May 16, 11-8 & May 17, 9- 6 at the Holiday Inn, Fort Lee (2339 State Rt. 4 Ft. Lee, New Jersey 07024)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shop It Up & Make It Your Own!

I mentioned before there is all this graduation and growing up stuff going on. The first thing I had to do, in terms of graduation, was get a dress. I was successful yesterday at the BCBG outlet in Woodbury Commons. Thanks to the help of my friend Alex and my knowing what works for me I was able to find this beautiful brown dress with gold sequin trim, it was a little more expensive that I wanted to spend ($100) but I'm only going to graduate once... I'll put pictures up maybe so you can see it.

With the purchase of the dress came the need for coordinating shoes. I didn't really have anything that matched =( which was a little frustrating considering I have so many shoes, I didn't want to spend anymore money but luckily there was a Target in close proximity... or so I thought. Frugalicious calls Target the Century Store, I didn't understand because although I could see her point I go there all the time and manage to keep my wallet closed. That is until yesterday.

First, lets talk about the shoes I got.

They are really comfy which is key and on sale so woo hoo. The only problem was they weren't metallic enough to match the dress perfectly but I was determined and decided that I would channel Tim Gunn and make it work. When I got home I took a gold metallic paint marker and painted the beads surrounding the tortoise shell like center beads gold . It totally worked and they look amazing and match perfectly!

While I was in the shoe department I noticed some cute gladiator sandals. Since it has become such a major trend I have been trying to find an affordable pair because who knows if next summer will be such a thing. I was excited because after going to DSW and not finding anything I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find an alternative to the more expensive ones. Target came to my rescue with these Issac Mizrahi sandals! Then I wandered into the Women's department and I found the illusive khaki skirt! And another skirt, both of which will be great for my trip to Italia at the end of the month.

As much as I think every piece was carefully thought about and necessary I wasn't quite ready to be spending so much money in one day. Now I know to be aware of the Century Store and guard my wallet!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

On The Hunt

You would think with so much safari stuff out in stores right now I would have no trouble finding a practical length, professional khaki skirt! But alas, I am. Which really irks me because even without this safari trend, khaki is so ridiculously classic this shouldn't be that difficult. When I did a quick Google search, this was the first thing I came up with but, I have those child bearing hips so pencil really isn't great for me and even though it is $89.00 marked down to $43.99 it's still a bit much and my search continued.

I came up with more and more as I searched longer and longer. Here are some of the runner ups:
  • I love New York & Company but I'm not sure I like the shade of khaki in this skirt for the occasions which I have to wear it. Plus, the seam down the front is not my thing, it makes it look too casual.
  • Speaking of weird shade, this Simply Vera by Vera Wang skirt is practically white, who knew the term khaki stood for so many colors. Also, it's kind of pricey.
  • And speaking of casual this one from Chadwick's is that for sure, much more than what would be acceptable for business but super cute for a picnic or other spring outing.
  • Finally, I figured that Old Navy might be able to save me especially with it's majority safari spring collection but all I could find was this piece in linen which is really way too casual.
It's so frustrating when you have an idea in mind and money to spend but you can't make the two meet in reality! In the end I did find one that might work, but since the picture is probably not doing it any justice I might actually need to get to a JC Penny to try it on. O, the sacrifices we make to look good.

Freak Out, In A Good Way

As I mentioned before I have alot of shoes. I will continue on and say that I have a greater or equal amount of handbags. That really was my first fashion obsession! But, now that I have amassed such a significant and well rounded (I would like to think) collection and put it on display in my apartment I have become extremely selective about what I spend my money on. Because as much as I want to be the Imelda Marcos of bags do I really need another black purse? I've learned to not buy everything in front of me even if it seems like a deal, to wait for things that I'm kind of interested in to go on sale, and to remember what I already have in my possession so I don't buy more of the same thing.

One of the brands that I have been very critical of is Coach. I love Coach bags, I have a bunch but... the past season collection was not very attractive to me, and even the season before that. My boyfriend's brother in law told me that prices in Coach stock were falling and all I could think was that it was because there bags were so unattractive! And I'm sure it didn't help them that I hadn't been buying them, how lofty of me. I digress, I was at the mall yesterday getting some odds and ends and I wandered into to Coach to look at some shoes that I had seen on their website. The giant flower scared me in person and I was again disheartened by what I was seeing. But then a wristlet caught my eye... and then, the bags! I am so in love with the big one. I literally had a mini freak out moment of happiness to the point where my boyfriend noticed and commented that there hadn't been a bag in a while to make me act like that. He's such a good one, and knows me so well! I hope he cataloged that in his brain for future gift giving.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Skin: The Original Accessory

All I've been talking about is the warm weather and how it is on our doorstep. Everyone can go out and buy the 'bare all' clothes and strut their stuff but if your like me and you don't frequent a tanning salon over the colder months or are petrified of sunless tanner then you're probably pretty pale. Well, what to do? I wasn't sure until I was wandering around the super market and found this absolutely fabulous product that I just have to share with you! Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizer for body and face is a great way to get some completely natural looking color in about a week! I was skeptical but for less than $15.00 it was worth a try. And I can honestly say that it was totally worth it because I have actually had people ask about my tan and comment on how great it looks when I tell them that it's just a moisturizer. Plus it comes for different skin tones which means that there is somehting for everyone!
Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Medium Skin Tones

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Want! A Need? Maybe... Probably Not

Anyone who knows me personally knows I really don't need one more pair of shoes. Even if I got rid of a few pairs I don't need more shoes. Even if I got rid of half my shoes, I still don't need more shoes. Now that you understand that, there are some shoes that I am in love with. I have always loved ombre, which is basically refined tye-die or dip-dyeing, and now they make shoes like that. EXCITEMENT!!! So the Franco Sarto Acre shoe is gorgeous, but $89.00 is a bit much... $24.99 sounds much more in my budget, thank goodness for Target!

There were other similar shoes I found on the cheap from Payless.
Kougar Ombre Slide
There were also some flats that I saw but $112.00 for basic flat with weird sole, no. $19.99 for better looking basic flat with noral sole, yay! Now the only question is which one to buy?

For Deals

A few sale opportunities are going on that I wanted to let people know about... first SOS Sample Sales is doing a C&C California summer dress & top sale along with their regular designer denim and clothing sale. You always need denim, hoodies, and such but right now with the warm weather on our doorstep (except today) you need to stock up on those summer items and if you can do it for 40-90% off retail why wouldn't you. Tanks and camis $10, top $15, dresses $35, going on now till Saturday from 11-7. Also, tonight there is a two hour shopping event at Lola and Maria with 20% off new items champagne and cupcakes from 7-9. If I wasn't in the middle of Finals crunch I would totally go for the food, booze and the 50% off clearance. But since I can't you definately should, 175 Rivington (btwn. Clinton and Attorney)

On a not sample sale plus note I wanted to make an announcement, there is an all the time sale going on and all you have to do is email me! I got a pocket money job at the For Joseph showroom in midtown right now there is a sample sale going on at 250 W 39th St Suite 509. I got the Pentina blouse in black featured on Shop Robertson for $26 (50% off wholesale) because I work there, but you can get it for $52 which is still more than 50% off retail. If you can't make it call/email me and you can look around. There are some awesome deals, $40 dresses/$20 blouses/$50 leather jackets!!! Yeah, you know you wanna come.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Beginnings, New Focus

Hello All,

Things have been ridiculously crazy with the whole graduation and job thing. Oh, to go back to the days of playground fun... I digress. My whole focus for this blog is changing as I reach this new juncture in my life.

Originally I wanted to talk about designer sample sales and high fashion happenings in this blog but, for me at this point that is just noise. Without an amazing job to financially back me and student loans looming in the distance I have found myself in a new place. Some might call it the "real world" I'll just call it the next step. This is not to say that I don't adore high fashion it more means that I need a whole new wardrobe for my next step and I need to build it with a necessitous, frugal person's savvy.

I mentioned previously that I am shopping on the more thrifty side of things and I wanted to share some deals and notices from my personal inbox. If you can look like a million bucks without spending it (or anything close), why wouldn't you want to?

  • The Iridesse sample sale is this week. I walk by this store all the time when I'm at my fancy mall but I've never gone in. I know that it's so ridiculously out of my price range. Now, this would be the time to get a classic piece of jewelry for 50-60% off retail. At some point we all were that little girl wearing her mother's pearls, why not grow it up a bit. That seems to be my mantra now. Head over to the Warwick Hotel (65 W. 54th in the Oxford Suite) Monday (11-7) or Tuesday and Wednesday (9-6).
  • Today I might be headed to the Carnelian Knoll booth at Crafts on Columbus. I'm all about unique pieces of handmade jewelry for the right price. Julie Siegmund will be there this weekend, as well as, May 3-4 and May 10-11. The booth is in its customary location, on 81st Street between Columbus Ave. and Central Park West. The fair is open from 10-6 but if you can't make it you can always contact her for a private show.
  • Lastly, I was searching for places online to get sweet deals. There are always the old standbys like Target, New York and Company, and Old Navy. But, new beginnings and a different budget calls for this change. So I came up with, created by the thrifty lady behind So Frugalicious. They have great deals on basics and a few trendy items. My only problem was their lack of larger sizes (me being a 36DD and all). When I emailed them about it they let me know that the brand Unyx ran larger. I'm skeptical but it's good to know. Anot'her online shop that I found was Martin and Osa, some of the items are really expensive but there are other more affordable options if you just look. Lastly, there was an old standby, Chadwicks. When I was younger I used to read my mom's catalog and think, that's only stuff for old ladies. They've changed quite a bit and have some really cute stuff if you search.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let's Talk About Shoes Baby

First of all let's talk about a new an upcoming exhibit that I am totally excited to see. Christian Louboutin's first solo exhibition this spring, courtesy of FIT. "Sole Desire: The Shoes of Christian Louboutin," will be on view at The Museum at FIT from March 13 through April 19. The exhibition will showcase examples of Louboutin's work from both the collection of The Museum at FIT and his own. Louboutin's passion for footwear started before he was even a teenager; by the age of 11, he was already sketching shoes. In 1988, after freelancing for design houses like Maud Frizon, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent, Louboutin joined Roger Vivier. In 1989, he took a leave from fashion to work as a landscape designer (haha bet you didn't know that), and returned to the industry in 1992 with his first collection, which integrated Asian influences with garden inspirations. I can't wait, there's something to do over spring break!

Now onto more affordable shoes, my two fav brands. First of all apparently Dolce Vita has a boutique on the Lower East Side that I was not aware of at 149 Ludlow St. ( btwn. Stanton & Rivington) When did this happen!?! I must go shop... Also another fav shoe brand Seychelles has a serious coupon code discount going on right now! 30% of anything in their newest collection. SEYDC, love it!!! All so tempting...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Leap Into Luxury

Since I have been unemployed and shopping on the more frugal side of things (aka Target, Steve and Barry's, Kohl's o yeah!) when shopping at all I have been shrinking away from the super high end, luxe side of things. But, when I heard about Louis Vuitton's newest line I couldn't help but start scheming a way to get my hands on it. I'm thinking graduation gift, really, hint hint. And no cute stuff... the real deal. I mean if you check out the Damier Graphite collection I think you would agree that it is totally worth the splurge. It features a shift from the classic Damier pattern to shades of black and gray, accented with palladium hardware, thus injecting an urban and modern look to it all. Most of the initial pieces are more for the men I'm hoping that by the time it hits the stores in August there will be more on the women's side.

Under Cover

When talking about a perfect outfit some would say that it has to start with a perfect undergarment. On Tim Gunn's Guide to Style Tim and Veronica always shock the ladies in question by telling them, quite matter of factly, "I need to look in your underwear drawer". Can you imagine, your granny panties on cable tv! I'd rather not. And then, after the shame, off they go to find the perfect undergarments. Well, since I don't have Tim and Veronica here to guide me (plus I used to work at Victoria's Secret and I'd like to think I remember something) I forge on alone in my search for the perfect undergarments. Enter Spanx Bra-llelujah! I, like most plus sized girls, or pretty much all who don't want panty lines swear by Spanx they are a million times better than anything you could buy at the drug store, department store, or specialty boutique and super study so you can use them over and over again. And if they could get any better with all their body slimming stuff they now make a back-fat blasting bra... It really does sound to good to be true! For me it is... ahem, not in my size, ahem. But, if anyone gives it a try let me know how it goes, I'm still intrigued.