Saturday, May 03, 2008

On The Hunt

You would think with so much safari stuff out in stores right now I would have no trouble finding a practical length, professional khaki skirt! But alas, I am. Which really irks me because even without this safari trend, khaki is so ridiculously classic this shouldn't be that difficult. When I did a quick Google search, this was the first thing I came up with but, I have those child bearing hips so pencil really isn't great for me and even though it is $89.00 marked down to $43.99 it's still a bit much and my search continued.

I came up with more and more as I searched longer and longer. Here are some of the runner ups:
  • I love New York & Company but I'm not sure I like the shade of khaki in this skirt for the occasions which I have to wear it. Plus, the seam down the front is not my thing, it makes it look too casual.
  • Speaking of weird shade, this Simply Vera by Vera Wang skirt is practically white, who knew the term khaki stood for so many colors. Also, it's kind of pricey.
  • And speaking of casual this one from Chadwick's is that for sure, much more than what would be acceptable for business but super cute for a picnic or other spring outing.
  • Finally, I figured that Old Navy might be able to save me especially with it's majority safari spring collection but all I could find was this piece in linen which is really way too casual.
It's so frustrating when you have an idea in mind and money to spend but you can't make the two meet in reality! In the end I did find one that might work, but since the picture is probably not doing it any justice I might actually need to get to a JC Penny to try it on. O, the sacrifices we make to look good.

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