Saturday, May 03, 2008

Freak Out, In A Good Way

As I mentioned before I have alot of shoes. I will continue on and say that I have a greater or equal amount of handbags. That really was my first fashion obsession! But, now that I have amassed such a significant and well rounded (I would like to think) collection and put it on display in my apartment I have become extremely selective about what I spend my money on. Because as much as I want to be the Imelda Marcos of bags do I really need another black purse? I've learned to not buy everything in front of me even if it seems like a deal, to wait for things that I'm kind of interested in to go on sale, and to remember what I already have in my possession so I don't buy more of the same thing.

One of the brands that I have been very critical of is Coach. I love Coach bags, I have a bunch but... the past season collection was not very attractive to me, and even the season before that. My boyfriend's brother in law told me that prices in Coach stock were falling and all I could think was that it was because there bags were so unattractive! And I'm sure it didn't help them that I hadn't been buying them, how lofty of me. I digress, I was at the mall yesterday getting some odds and ends and I wandered into to Coach to look at some shoes that I had seen on their website. The giant flower scared me in person and I was again disheartened by what I was seeing. But then a wristlet caught my eye... and then, the bags! I am so in love with the big one. I literally had a mini freak out moment of happiness to the point where my boyfriend noticed and commented that there hadn't been a bag in a while to make me act like that. He's such a good one, and knows me so well! I hope he cataloged that in his brain for future gift giving.

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