Saturday, March 31, 2007


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If you have some free time stop by Macy's Hreald Square tomorrow. For the first time ever, they are incorporating “floral couture” into the famed Broadway windows, as part of the retailer’s 33rd-annual flower show. They will only remain on display through April 15 so the sooner you go the better. The windows intermix haute couture and exotic live flowers and each Broadway window between 34th and 35th will represent a different specialty garden on the main floor, with each showcasing a couture dress made specifically to represent one of the gardens inside, from spring to rainforest.

Deserving Praise

I just had to let everyone know that one of my fav people Robin Givhan, is not only a Pulitzer Prize winner. Next month she will be recieving an honorary doctorate at next month’s fashion school’s graduation from Academy of Art University. Zac Posen, as well as, Loulou de la Falaise will recieve the same honors at her side. What’s more, as a tribute to the honorees, Gladys Perint Palmer, executive director of the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion, has created whimsical sketches of Posen, Givhan, and de la Falaise.

Truly Curious

Dreaded bathing suit weather is upon us and the winter pounds haven't all been shed just yet but could you ever see yourself throwing on something like this and heading the beach? Honestly let me know what you think. I know getting ready for the summer can be such a pain but looking like you just stepped out of the 1920's... I just don't know! WholesomeWear, a line of swimwear for the modest beachgoer, offers three styles that “highlight the face, rather than the body.” If anything I know my mom would love it.

Pay Much Less

Payless really is scoring all the hot designers! I knew about Lela Rose but I just recently learned that they will also be doing a shoe collaboration with one of my fav designers, Patricia Fields! You know Sex and the City/Devil Wears Prada styling, Osacr nominated, totally fabulous Patricia Fields! In most of her pieces of work Ms. Fields has shown that you don't necessarily have to spend tons of money to pull together a unique look, one or two key luxe pieces and other more modest pieces could make you look like a million bucks. Fashion is not about displaying what's in your bank account. She might have to tone it down a bit but I'm confident that she can handle it. Check out one style that might be included in the line...

P.S. I'm really loving Spring 07 Abaeté

Strange Attraction

I don't know what's wrong with me but for some reason I really want these sweatpants. Now, I have always been very intent on displaying my Puerto Rican-ness in ways that do not involve spackling the flag all over myself but for some reason these pants are calling to me. Maybe it's just the monster sale, and the flag is super cute. I don't know either way but, now that I'm getting my secret desire out into the open it's slowly waning, at least for now...

Coming To A Place Near You one of She Spys fav finds is now opening a store in New York! This is music to my ears. I don't normally order things online because I like to try things on. I fit in a wide variey of sizes depending on designer, as do most women. Now, I don't have to worry about that anymore because I see the light! The store is located in Plainview, LI so get directions and plan a road trip with your girlies to see what they have. The store carries an assortment of the great stuff you would find on the website and they also do special order dresses for your next big occasion. When you go email me and let me know what you think.

Look Alike

If Missoni (or scoring deals) is what floats your boat I have a tip for you! Check out these adorable spring flat from Aldo, strangely familiar right? But there's one large difference: While the Italian designer's shoes cost upwards of $200, these striped slip-ons can be yours for a more modest and affordable price. for flats you'll wear all summer because they go with everything and then trash, I can't think of a better or cuter deal.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Be A Goody-Two-Shoes

While reading this months Fitness, I came across an article that I thought might be of interest. No, not about Yoga Booty Ballet, but clothing! I know, I was surprised too. It was about a generous ER nurse and her involvement in a grassroots organization called One World Running. Basically you can donate your lightly used mens, womens, or kids sneakers so that less fourtunate people in other countries can use them and go about their everyday lives. These are things we take for granted truly and instead of throwing your old kicks out or saving the ones you bought for the gym, wore twice and never touched again, you can pass them along and help someone out. As one of the volunteers, Ana Weir, says, "Having shoes keeps kids in school because without them they'll get sent home, it helps them to avoid potentially deadly diseases like tetanus, and it gives them a sense of importance... even though it's a simple action it, donating sneakers can make a truly profound difference." I couldn't agree more so, send your lightly used sneaks and althetic gear to One World Running, P.O. Box 2223, Boulder, CO 80306!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get Your Camera Ready

Kate Moss will make a rare public appearance on May 8 when Barneys New York fêtes the supermodel and her new capsule collection for Topshop, which the retailer will launch and carry exclusively in the U.S. Barneys has, in the past, stocked select Topshop pieces, including the Baxter jean, which sold out. Moss’ designs will be prominently displayed in the Co-Op, and Simon Doonan will install windows to herald the collection’s arrival. “Kate’s style is so much of a Barneys style, so it’s like having a peek into her closet,” says a Barney's exec. So excited is she with the upcoming shipment that she’s already earmarked her personal must-haves: a grey T-shirt with metal studs and a little chiffon dress. From what I've seem her designs will compliment Ms. Moss' newest fancied item, the Legende a la Longchamp. "Kate Moss really had a crush on this bag," says managing director Jean Cassegrain of the brand's face for the past three seasons. "She has such a stylish eye, and we are so happy with our relationship." All that matters is that it looks better than this, which it does. This It-tote has both chicness and utility, well, in the bag. Glossy black patent leather covers an oh-so-of-the-season doctor's shape, which has the heft to keep a day's worth of makeup, magazines, and costume changes safe and sound. My kind of bag, if it wasn't for the patent leather. When will it be over?

They're Getting All The Good Ones!

Payless ShoeSource, whose past designer team-ups have included Abaeté and Lela Rose, announced today that it has hired Bernard Figueroa, most recently head of footwear design for Michael Kors, as Payless' director of design for women's footwear. At Michael Kors, he managed all footwear product development for the MK and Kors labels and before that he launched his own luxe brand that sold internationally for a decade from 1993 to 2003 including at Bergdorf Goodman, Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue. He begins getting down to the grind this month. My hope is that he will come up with something for Payless that will compliment this MICHAEL by Michael Kors dress.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Speaking of the spring it's about time to review what to keep and what to toss. I'm such a hypocrite, I don't ever toss anything! But, in the interest of filling up your closet (if you don't have the space like yours truly) you, and I, might want to think about it. Transitioning from winter (grrrr) to spring (yay), because since just after the January sales ended we have had weeks of wool, scarf, and high-boot weather, I digress. The change can be easy enough thanks to this year's spring styles. Layers are key, and there are so many ways to warm up your warm-weather clothes for now. This of course justifies stocking up on fresh pieces for later on. Plus, your winter neutrals can morph into the black-and-white trend that's popping up again for summer. Cropped pants and shorts work with the tights and boots, with a blazer and blouse for work or a jacket, a hoodie, and a scarf for the weekend. Drop in some flashes of bright, bold color and pattern. My fav for sping is polka dot! Also hot this spring will be nautical (again), wide leg pallazzo style pants, trench coats, metallics (I can't believe it lasted this long) and empire waisted/baby dolls dresses. Now I want to go shopping...

More Collaborations

Capsule lines and fashion collaborations have become as regular as clockwork since the launch of Go:International at Target so what is another one going to hurt? Nanette Lepore's new line for Keds is here! I was skeptical at first but after checking out the collection I find it to be refreshing and great for the spring. And remebering my childhood days in basic tenny Keds, they're probably very comfortable. The sneakers feature Nanette's original prints without the perilous heel height they were paired with on the runway as they were created to complement her spring collection. In my opinion, this print is very reminiscent of Gwen Stefani's LeSportsac collaboration. For whatever reason I think I might need to pick these up when I'm shopping for spring.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Little Known Facts

You might have heard it somewhere else first but here are some details that might have been overlooked about Sarah Jessica Parkers upcoming fashion extravaganza. “Bitten," as it will be called, was driven by Parker’s reaction when she was first introduced to Steve & Barry’s. “Parker was blown away by the company’s mission and bitten by the Steve & Barry’s bug after walking into a Steve & Barry’s store for the first time.” This collection is Parker’s first-ever apparel line amd we all know that every SATC fan is super excited. The collection aims to offer high-quality, affordably priced sportswear for women of all ages and sizes. You might not believe it possible but the Bitten collection will be offered in a full size range from S to XXL in tops, 2—20 in bottoms, and 6—10 in shoes. I'm so excited I can dress like Carrie Bradshaw, no wait, nevermind. She's just a character, got to keep telling myseld that. But, I digress. The pieces will be sold exclusively at all Steve & Barry’s shopping mall locations across the country beginning June 7, with every item priced at $19.98 or less. The collection will boast an assortment of over 150 styles and more than 400 apparel and accessory items and grown to nearly 500 apparel and accessories by August with the introduction of the fall line. Just in time for my birthday!

“Women should be able to wear great clothes and not lie in bed at night feeling guilty about how much money they’ve spent. High quality, luxurious clothes do not need to cost as much as we’ve been led to think."


Spring Is Here!

That's why I'm jumping for joy. Although, they keep saying that this is just a glimpse and it'll start getting colder tomorrow I can't help but be excited. Enough about the weather let's talk about fashion baby! One of She Spys fav's is getting some serious exposure tonight and we should support her. Monif C. will be on BET's Rip The Runway tonight at 10PM EST. She is honored to be the only plus sized designer this year, so set your Time Warner and Cablevision reminders or, if you must miss, TiVo so you can catch every minute of the wonder that is Monif C. on the runway.

P.S. Check out me and friends at Curvy Girl's Night Out. She Spys is famous!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When Will They Stop

First there was the possible reality TV show and now this. Apparently we should get ready for Sex and the City: part deux. Los Angeles-based television writer David Gerken will be in the City of Lights over the next two weeks researching a pilot he’s writing about four U.S. expats in their early-to-mid-‘30s, living in Paris. One of the characters, a woman who works in global marketing at Chanel, features a storyline in the pilot concerning running the Chanel show during Fashion Week. Other characters include a reporter at the Paris bureau of The New York Times, a sommelier in a chic restaurant, and a writer trying to pen the next great American novel while teaching tennis in the Luxembourg Gardens to support himself. Something tells me it won't stick if they keep trying to market it like this...

To Get Back At Al

Though Lauren Bush has a line of clothing and accessories in the works, unlike many of her fellow bold-faced colleagues, she isn’t looking to reap monetarily from the expansion in her portfolio. The niece of President Bush is working on an organic concept of lifestyle branding for which she will be the spokeswoman. Sounds kinda familiar. Maybe she's trying to make up for something lacking in the family. Her name, however, won’t appear on any labels it'll go something like this... at the Michael Kors show during Fashion Week in NYC, she was photographed carrying a burlap shoulder bag that read “Feed the Children of the World” on the side. “Each bag will feed a child in school for a year through the United Nations World Food Program,” said Bush, an ambassador of the cause, of the double-handled “Feed Bag” tote, which will go on sale at April 1. Product placement at it's finest.

Keep It Up

To make sure that everyone is still making there way to the gym and getting their bods fabulous and spring ready here's something you can pick up that I'm sure you'll love to sport at the gym. Yogini has created a genius yoga pants with built-in underwear. So now your concentration can be fully on your workout and not on what your thong is doing while you’re in down dog, sprinting on the treadmill, or just hanging out. I will admit I love comfy yoga pants even when I'm not working out. Come on, you know you do too.

You Can Definately Still Get Your Hands On This

Valentino’s a man of exacting tastes. Sadly, he can’t personally style us all, at least now you can reference his fashion commandments before you walk out the door. In the new issue of Details, on newsstands already, the maestro of old-school chic lays out his top 10 rules of style. I'm already trying to figure out where I can pick that up, any suggestions?


Ok, I have been really sick for the past week and a half and all the while unpacking, going to school, and kinda working. But, it's no excuse!

Time for sale updates and much She Spys love...
  • Right now one of my fav sales has just begun and I stumbled upon it completely by accident. Lucky me! Threadless $10 sale. You know the deal. Hit that up now before they run out of your size or it ends on 3/12.
  • Ying Li’s hand-painted lingerie normally sells for $30 to $400 at Saks, but at the sale everything is up to 90% off, like silk camis that were $200 but are now $25. 3/5–3/23: 10–5 @ 270 W. 39th St. (nr. 8th) on the 14th floor.
  • Denim Blitz is back with the first ever BCBG sample sale in conjunction with the latest styles and brands you have to have in premium denim and apparel. You will find unbelievable buys for both men and women all at 30-90% off retail. And the usual: Seven's, Rock & Republic, Paper Denim, Chip & Pepper, People's Liberation, Earnest Sewn, Citizens of Humanity, and Antik Denim.3/8-3/11: Thurs-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 @ 72 Greene St. (btwn. Spring & Broome)
  • Save up to 85% off original retail at Escada’s four day warehouse sale. Visit the new location and check out pieces from Escada Collection, Escada Sport, Couture, handbags, and footwear. New merchandise is available dailyso that means you have to arrive early for the best selection. 3/8-3/11: Thu-Fri 10-8, Sat & Sun 10-6 @ 401 7th Ave. "Penn Plaza Pavilion" (btwn. 32&33)
  • Past spring season Built By Wendy goods are going to be on sale 40-70% off. Plus you can snag some current samples at discount prices as well. Get your handmade look on and tell everyone you did it yourself. Super shabby chic for spring! 3/9-3/11: Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6 @ 46 N. 6th St. (btwn. Kent & Wythe) Williamsburg, Bklyn.
  • Shop Shelly and Renee's "Spring Designer Sale" for the hottest brands at the coolest prices for top American and European designers. They have sportswear, evening wear, outerwear and accessories at up to 80% off. Featured designers include Blumarine, Barbara Bui, Peter Soronen, Marc Jacobs, David Rodriguez, Twin Set and Marc Bouwer. Here's your excuse: a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the breast cancer research foundations. 3/11-3/13: Details here.