Thursday, February 08, 2007

You're Not Alone Diane!

Zac Posen is here to keep you company! Who needs Ken when you have a premier couture designer at your side in your Malibu convertible? You'll just have to cram his lush red headed model (sister, muse, and creative partner Alexandra) under your bed and he's all yours plus a handbag, shoes, and the Posen studio puppy, Tina. The studio “set” is crammed with bolts of fabric, sewing notions, bulletin board with pinned inspiration and must-have accessories. Of course, this Barbie costs more than her mass-market sisters (in that same way that Diane did) but with a stamp of approval from Vogue, that's to be expected. “Rarity is the new definition of luxury," and with just under 1000 units to sell that is truly the case.

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