Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Want! A Need? Maybe... Probably Not

Anyone who knows me personally knows I really don't need one more pair of shoes. Even if I got rid of a few pairs I don't need more shoes. Even if I got rid of half my shoes, I still don't need more shoes. Now that you understand that, there are some shoes that I am in love with. I have always loved ombre, which is basically refined tye-die or dip-dyeing, and now they make shoes like that. EXCITEMENT!!! So the Franco Sarto Acre shoe is gorgeous, but $89.00 is a bit much... $24.99 sounds much more in my budget, thank goodness for Target!

There were other similar shoes I found on the cheap from Payless.
Kougar Ombre Slide
There were also some flats that I saw but $112.00 for basic flat with weird sole, no. $19.99 for better looking basic flat with noral sole, yay! Now the only question is which one to buy?

For Deals

A few sale opportunities are going on that I wanted to let people know about... first SOS Sample Sales is doing a C&C California summer dress & top sale along with their regular designer denim and clothing sale. You always need denim, hoodies, and such but right now with the warm weather on our doorstep (except today) you need to stock up on those summer items and if you can do it for 40-90% off retail why wouldn't you. Tanks and camis $10, top $15, dresses $35, going on now till Saturday from 11-7. Also, tonight there is a two hour shopping event at Lola and Maria with 20% off new items champagne and cupcakes from 7-9. If I wasn't in the middle of Finals crunch I would totally go for the food, booze and the 50% off clearance. But since I can't you definately should, 175 Rivington (btwn. Clinton and Attorney)

On a not sample sale plus note I wanted to make an announcement, there is an all the time sale going on and all you have to do is email me! I got a pocket money job at the For Joseph showroom in midtown right now there is a sample sale going on at 250 W 39th St Suite 509. I got the Pentina blouse in black featured on Shop Robertson for $26 (50% off wholesale) because I work there, but you can get it for $52 which is still more than 50% off retail. If you can't make it call/email me and you can look around. There are some awesome deals, $40 dresses/$20 blouses/$50 leather jackets!!! Yeah, you know you wanna come.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Beginnings, New Focus

Hello All,

Things have been ridiculously crazy with the whole graduation and job thing. Oh, to go back to the days of playground fun... I digress. My whole focus for this blog is changing as I reach this new juncture in my life.

Originally I wanted to talk about designer sample sales and high fashion happenings in this blog but, for me at this point that is just noise. Without an amazing job to financially back me and student loans looming in the distance I have found myself in a new place. Some might call it the "real world" I'll just call it the next step. This is not to say that I don't adore high fashion it more means that I need a whole new wardrobe for my next step and I need to build it with a necessitous, frugal person's savvy.

I mentioned previously that I am shopping on the more thrifty side of things and I wanted to share some deals and notices from my personal inbox. If you can look like a million bucks without spending it (or anything close), why wouldn't you want to?

  • The Iridesse sample sale is this week. I walk by this store all the time when I'm at my fancy mall but I've never gone in. I know that it's so ridiculously out of my price range. Now, this would be the time to get a classic piece of jewelry for 50-60% off retail. At some point we all were that little girl wearing her mother's pearls, why not grow it up a bit. That seems to be my mantra now. Head over to the Warwick Hotel (65 W. 54th in the Oxford Suite) Monday (11-7) or Tuesday and Wednesday (9-6).
  • Today I might be headed to the Carnelian Knoll booth at Crafts on Columbus. I'm all about unique pieces of handmade jewelry for the right price. Julie Siegmund will be there this weekend, as well as, May 3-4 and May 10-11. The booth is in its customary location, on 81st Street between Columbus Ave. and Central Park West. The fair is open from 10-6 but if you can't make it you can always contact her for a private show.
  • Lastly, I was searching for places online to get sweet deals. There are always the old standbys like Target, New York and Company, and Old Navy. But, new beginnings and a different budget calls for this change. So I came up with, created by the thrifty lady behind So Frugalicious. They have great deals on basics and a few trendy items. My only problem was their lack of larger sizes (me being a 36DD and all). When I emailed them about it they let me know that the brand Unyx ran larger. I'm skeptical but it's good to know. Anot'her online shop that I found was Martin and Osa, some of the items are really expensive but there are other more affordable options if you just look. Lastly, there was an old standby, Chadwicks. When I was younger I used to read my mom's catalog and think, that's only stuff for old ladies. They've changed quite a bit and have some really cute stuff if you search.