Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Want! A Need? Maybe... Probably Not

Anyone who knows me personally knows I really don't need one more pair of shoes. Even if I got rid of a few pairs I don't need more shoes. Even if I got rid of half my shoes, I still don't need more shoes. Now that you understand that, there are some shoes that I am in love with. I have always loved ombre, which is basically refined tye-die or dip-dyeing, and now they make shoes like that. EXCITEMENT!!! So the Franco Sarto Acre shoe is gorgeous, but $89.00 is a bit much... $24.99 sounds much more in my budget, thank goodness for Target!

There were other similar shoes I found on the cheap from Payless.
Kougar Ombre Slide
There were also some flats that I saw but $112.00 for basic flat with weird sole, no. $19.99 for better looking basic flat with noral sole, yay! Now the only question is which one to buy?

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