Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reality Check Indeed

Everyone, check this out... What a comforting scoop! It's nice to know that Spanx are for everyone.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Politicking And Fashion

It's all realted isn't it? Well, if it wasn't we can be sure that Robin Givhan wouldn't be as recognized as she is for all of her politically related fashion writing in the Washington Post. And now with all the announcements about the intentions of Kerry and Clinton, among others, to run in the 2008 elections it is ironic timing that Al Gore has some news of his own. No, he won't be running but he has created something that could very well help save the world! The eco-activist just inspired his first accessory, "The Friends of Al" tote by Hayden-Harnett. Designed in Brooklyn, the bag is made with all-natural cotton and printed with organic pigment instead of chemical ink. With every purchase, $25 goes to Gore's environmental foundation, Stop Global Warming. The bag also puts an end to cookie-cutter design: Its print was drawn by designer Toni Hayden especially for the project. He's an ecosit for sure!

Hallmark Holiday

For some reason the dreaded and fast approaching V-day has been on my mind. I suppose that I shouldn't be so set back by it considering I am in a very long term relationship with a wonderufl man but I can't help but remeber all those unpleasant single Valentine's Days that I spend dressed in black scorning all the happy couples. What to do, what to do? I'm not one of those hearts and cupids girls but at the same time I catch myself smiling at some of the less cheesy related items, like the project (RED) stuff at the GAP. Honestly, if I got nothing else for Valentines (massage, ahem, massage) I would want to be ADO(RED), TREASU(RED), and DESI(RED). How can someone whose ENAMO(RED) with you not want to show you that you are all those things and more?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

She Did It Again

We all know how much I love Hollywould and I have to say if I had any need for the beautiflul clothes that she creates I would be all over this newest sale! Most of the time it's all about the shoes but she is putting her entire fall collection on sale at, that right you guessed it, insane discounts. This isn't just for any old night on the town, I'm talking some fancy shmancy stuff and normally it would break the bank but today it's within your reach!

Built Your Shoes

I know we all remeber Built By Wendy. If not shame on you, you haven't been keeping up with us. Her stuff is the epitome of shabby chic and so adorable. And now thanks to her newest creations you can be dressed literally from head to toe in Wendy's styles thanks to the addition of some sweet shoes to the collection. I am in love with the ankle bootie and I can't wait till they go on sale. They will be mine!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Back And Better Than Ever

Hello, everyone! I'm sorry for the lack of posting but I recently moved from the borough of Brooklyn to an old favorite, The Bronx. And, while I couldn't be happier about making the move to my old home the need for unpacking while living in box land is getting old quick. Thankfully the cable man came today and hooked me up so I'm all yours again and distracted from the immense task at hand. I have much to put up so keep an eye out for updates... I reccomend signing up with blogarithm.com using the button below my personal info, it will e-mail you when I have posted new stuff!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Can't Wait

I got an e-mail from Neiman Marcus the other day and it made me so excited because although we are in the middle of winter (almost) everything is coming up roses. Spring, Summer, and Resort collecitons are what's on everybody's mind. And with all clothing, bags and shoes that are presented being meant for the warm weather I can't help but start planning my summer wardrobe. These Christian Louboutin's are pretty high up there on my list. I know there's going to be comfy, the style is quite unique, and they're out early enough they might go on sale before spring or summer actually comes. That's something to look forward to along with all the other early spring items.

For The Brooklyn Girls

If your looking for a new place to pick up fabulously unique looks in Brooklyn, I might have found a place for you! Fetije Madzuric, Brooklyn native and former fashion coordinator for stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale’s, has returned to her old neighborhood, bringing high-end lines back to the block. While working for other department stores, Madzuric didn’t have the opportunity to stock the up-and-coming, unique lines that now fill her simple, open space, YLLI (pronounced ee-lee) like Megyn Florence, Jesse Kamm, and Castle Starr. Also mixed alongside notables like Sass & Bide, Converse by John Varvatos, and Trovata and if your not just in it for the clothes, don't worry. Naturally there are a wide range of accessories by Brooklynites like Dirty Librarian Chains and Arms & Armory. Plus, you can find one-of-a-kind items that designers have created exclusively for the boutique, where, in addition to hosting open call days, Madzuric tries to throw at least two trunk shows or events a month. This new shopping spot offers a treasure trove of unique looks, I can't wait to check it out.

I Can't Wait...

Without Project Runway I really have no driving force to watch TV or DVR anything. That is until now, besides Season 4 of Runway, of course, there is a new show in the works for Bravo that profiles one of my favorites from Project Runway... that's right, Tim Gunn! Because Bravo's pulling the plug on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, after five seasons and four years on TV, they are looking to expand on old fav's like Gunn. His Guide to Style will profile him as he solves people's fashion dilemmas by helping them get makeovers. While it's still unresolved whether Gunn will return to Runway for its fourth season, his own show debuts as he is set to publish a book on style and taste in May 2007. I can't wait to watch him make it work!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Too Funny

Traffic is still being routed to the left lanes near the Taft Rd. exit (I have no idea where exactly this is the closest I can guess is Cincinnati) while crews continue to clean up the crash scene. What are they cleaning? Oil, fruit, clothes? No, fashion magazines are to blame for a big mess and traffic jams on I-71 Wednesday morning. Around 6:30 a.m., two semis crashed in the southbound lanes near Taft. One was hauling magazines, specifically, W, which were then strewn all over the highway. There are no reports of injuries. Southbound I-71 was like a giant parking lot, with at least a 40 minute delay from the Norwood Lateral into downtown. And all because of a absolutely fab publication.

Limon Knows


Some equal treatment for the girls in terms of overly techy iPod compatible fashions! It's not all for the boys... Because, who can get in the zone and keep their "lose the love handles" resoluntion sans up-to-the-minute Bose headphones? Everlast’s new dance pants and shorts have pockets that let you turn on without your iPod dropping out—just slip the cord through the tiny slot and zip up. Plus, the sleek, form-fitting fabric, made from a blend of Everdi poly and LYCRA, helps whisk moisture away, keeping you dry throughout your workout. The activewear has been spotted on everyone from Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby to professional NBA and NFL dancers—serious fitness fanatics only need apply.

Oh Please...

I look at this new Longchamp mini-tote that was released for the holiday season and think Fashion Week Daily's got it all wrong. Who cares if some lucky chicettes found it beneath their Christmas tree as they advise to "move away from those traditional bags with this unusual shape, while the tartan fabric, paired with a wide metal buckle, brightens up the season’s all-black ensembles." Chances are it will be on sale up at the outlet in Woodbury Commons is 6 months if not sooner.

Remeber Her?

Say hello to the Washington Post's Robin Givhan. If you don't remember her then shame on you. She was the 2006 Puitzer prize winner for criticism as the fashion editor for the Washington Post! How inspiring, it makes me think that I can achieve some serious greatness with my shopping hobby. Check out this interview from fishbowl DC:

How many suits do you own? One

What word do you routinely misspell? "Occasion." Or is it "occassion"? I can never remember.

Did you see Brokeback Mountain? Yep.

Did you see The Da Vinci Code? No, but I read the book, which probably explains why I didn't see the movie.

What's the name of your cell phone ring? "Boring Motorola ring"

What time did you get up this morning? Around 8am.

When did you last cry and why? I cry at Hallmark commercials, so I'm an easy mark. I cried the Tuesday after Thanksgiving when my parents finished their visit with me and went back to Michigan.

Which of the seven deadly sins are you? I try my best to avoid "pride" and whichever one led to Gwyneth's head being in that box.

Beach, city or country? All are nice, but if I could only have one it would have to be city.

Would you say you're cute? Pretty? Hot? Beautiful? Let's just say, "I make an effort."

What color is your bathroom? Aubergine.

How many emails do you receive a day, roughly? too many to count, too many to remember.

What's your opinion of New York City? great personality, not much to look at.

What's your favorite letter? Scarlet

What single person played the biggest role / had the biggest influence on your journalism career? My mentor from graduate school Jack Lessenberry who made me cry on more than one occas(s)ion but who instilled the importance of accuracy and fearlessness.

Have you ever downloaded a podcast? If so, which one? Nope.

Who's your all-time favorite American Idol candidate? If I wanted to look like a talent scout I'd say Jennifer Hudson, but I was charmed by Chris Daughtry and his desperately straining vocal chords.

When's the last time you volunteered? Where? This summer at a high school journalism workshop.

Who is your favorite active journalist? I'm in awe of too many to name them all. Henry Allen is a poet. Gene Robinson is brilliant. Malcolm Gladwell can make a story about drying paint fascinating. Teri Agins is a fashion reporting goddess. Michael Specter can write about anything. Maureen Dowd has guts. I envy Frank Bruni's vocabulary.

What did you have for breakfast? A banana smoothie w/ soy protein and a cup of coffee.

What's your favorite item of clothing? At the moment, it's a Prada dress that I could happily wear every day and really should so that I can bring the cost-per-wearing ratio down to an acceptable level.

What one toiletry item could you not live without? uh, soap.

If you could have one superpower, which one would it be? mind-reading

Better role model: GIJoe? Barbie? Obviously, it's Barbie. She gets a raw deal because she cares about her appearance and so is dismissed as shallow. But she has had a multitude of satisfying careers, has worked for a wide variety of charities, has a wealth of friends, a great wardrobe and her own dream house.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The green shoes? O, yeah, I thought you'd all be curious. No, it wasn't a mistake when I was picking out the color for my Meez today I just happen to have bought the craziest green Juicy Couture pumps while I was at Woodbury Commons this weekend. I honestly don't know what came over me but when shoes call to me I listen... but not in the crazy I hear voices kinda way. In the end it was all for the best because these shoes ROCK! They're comfy, unique, and did I mention comfy? Well you get the point. Plus, they, as well as, my Spy compliment my Old Navy outfit of stylish frivolity very nicely.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

For Serena

You'll be happy to know that continuing for another week (till the 15th) Nicole Miller’s fall collection is reduced by up to 70%. Now you have an excuse to get your shop on and two locations to do it at, 780 Madison Ave. (nr. 67th) or 77 Greene St. (nr. Spring).

I'll Tell You A Secret...

It's no secret that the Proenza Schouler line for Target is going to be one of the best ones in the GO:International lot. It is a secret, however, that the boys are going to launch the line with a pop-up store at Opening Ceremony on Howard St downtown on February 2nd. The secret sale will run for three days. But, you didn't hear it from me.

Project Runway Still

I know everyone is wondering what last season's winner, Jeffrey Sebelia, has been up to. Well, other than cuddling with Santino he has probably been celebrating the fact that his line Cosa Nostra is available for purchase online at Ron Herman and selling like hot cakes. The jacket from his season finale runway show has already sold out, and the final look dress can't far behind! This is my personal pick but unfortunately for me I'm not at the natural dress form point in my life quite yet...

What's Your Resolution?

I know what mine is but I have to say I can relate to Julia Stiles, "I’m in a transitional phase where I just finished college, so it’s my resolution to start dressing like I’m not in college anymore." Sometimes you can't resist the "I just rolled out of bed, threw on a hoodie and jeans, and ran to class" look. It's super comfy! But, keep checking She Spys The Buys, Julia, we can help you out...

Best Quote Ever

"If you're going to sleep for 100 years, you might as well do it in Dior." - Dakota Fanning on the Sleeping Beauty photo from her fairy tale photo shoot, styled by Karl Lagerfeld, in this month's Vanity Fair. They start so young!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wish List: Wish 4

I know the holidays are over but there are still (as always) things that I'm hoping to get like this unbelivably amazing shoe organizer. With a room sized closet and a shameful amount of shoes it would come in handy! Who says I'm not practical about my obsession...

Monday, January 01, 2007