Sunday, January 07, 2007

For Serena

You'll be happy to know that continuing for another week (till the 15th) Nicole Miller’s fall collection is reduced by up to 70%. Now you have an excuse to get your shop on and two locations to do it at, 780 Madison Ave. (nr. 67th) or 77 Greene St. (nr. Spring).

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Mustang Saydie said...

Don't get me wrong...I love Nicole Miller fashion (which explains the large amount of dresses dawning her lable, color coded with my other lover BCBG). But...most of her ready-to-wear dresses are pull overs. That means, look out chicks your're in for a ride! It's called the "I hope the seems don't pop as I pull this tight dress pass my shoulders" break-dance. Instructors not included! I strongly believe she took the term "form fitting" to a new level. No matter what size you are, you're fighting the big fight with her pull over dresses. And yet...I have four of them on backorder. Beauty is uncomfortable!