Thursday, August 31, 2006

Angela Keslar I Love You

I was lucky enough to be able to watch Project Runway with my mom last night. It's probably the first time all season that I was able to catch the show on Wednesday night as opposed to the marathon re-runs that they have every weekend. I was so sad that Angela got sent home. She was a crazy bird but she definitally had unbelievable talent in her own little niches. And I was not the only person who was crushed I'm sure considering someone spent $710.00 on her winning design for I.N.C on Bravo's auction site. Honestly, couldn't they have just waited till they could order from Macy's? You can even buy a t-shirt that has the design screen printed on it! The whole thing is a bit pricey considering she put it together for only a mere $125.oo or whatever but it has all the Angela style and is perfect for the fall. I will miss her but now I'm rooting for Michael. That boy is gonna win!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Who Wears The Pants?

Wouldn't it me nice not to be wearing lace thongs or tangas all the time, come on be honest somehtimes you know you just want to trade them in for granny panties but fear being discovered in some spontaneous passion by your significant other. Inspired by the simple, nonchafing men’s boxer and tailored just for women, the little shorty-shorts are saucy and sexy without any girlish frills. The plaid and striped numbers are made from the same fine Italian and Japanese cotton fabrics that Steven Alan uses in his button-down shirts. They look comfy and you can feel free to pull a Marilyn on top of the subway grates or join the boxer vs. brief debate. Available at Steven Alan Annex, 229 Elizabeth Street (btwn. Prince and Spring), 103 Franklin Street, at Church Street, 465 Amsterdam Avenue, (btwn 82nd and 83rd) and of course online.

So Excited

I can't wait for Christmas to come this year. Because Santa Iris' gotta brand new bag or two or three. On December 1, 2006 L.A.M.B. will lauch it's luxe new handbag collection at retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel’s,, and smaller specialty shops like Intermix. For this first launch, there are two collections, the Signature collection and the leather collection which is called Love. A little bit or Gwen in every bag, "the L.A.M.B girl is me, and it’s always going to be me... and now, years later, I’ve grown up and want the quality to be on par with the things I wear right now." As someone who stalked down the tons of different L.A.M.B for Lesportsac handbags you know I will be all over this December 1 busting down the doors at Saks. I can't wait!


(NEW YORK) Shop Etc. and Weekend magazines never moved into the new Hearst Tower, and now the industry knows why: Hearst Magazines confirmed today they will be shuttering both titles.“After launching and/or acquiring 12 magazines in the last seven years—one of the most aggressive records of any publishing company—we have reexamined the viability of some of our development titles,” said Paul J. Luthringer, vice president of communications at for the Hearst Corporation. “Unfortunately, because the performance metrics we set for new magazines were not achieved, and because of the challenging economy, tough newsstand environment, and rising paper and postal costs, two magazines will be discontinued: Shop Etc. (after its October issue) and Weekend (after its September issue). We thank Mandi Norwood, Cynthia Lewis, and their staffs at Shop Etc., and Susan Wyland, Lauren Michaels, and their staffs at Weekend, for all their hard work and dedication.”Quick & Simple, another title introduced last year, is showing steady improvement, the spokesman noted, adding that the company will continue investing in that franchise. “We remain committed to introducing and acquiring new titles, investing in our established ones, and growing our new Digital Media unit,” the company statement said. “This will further build our existing magazine brands' presence on the Web and into other new technologies, such as mobile, video-on-demand, and podcasting.” Shop Etc. launched in August 2004 as Hearst’s solution to the shopping magazine market, until then dominated by Lucky. The title published three times in 2004 and increased its frequency to 10 issues in 2005. Despite its unique, trim size and a healthy effort to inject creativity and color into the shopping magazine category, it received a lukewarm response and soon underwent a flurry of cover changes under Norwood’s direction. At the time of its launch, Hearst Magazines president Cathleen P. Black said, “The whole reader-to-retail genre has really taken off with consumers, and we felt the time was right to launch a magazine at Hearst entirely dedicated to shopping. Shop Etc. is highly unique and a terrific blend of style and service for the 25-49 year old consumer.” Weekend, meanwhile, is a lifestyle magazine geared towards leisure activities that debuted in June 2005. The company had initially planned to publish five issues through the rest of this year, with a guaranteed circulation of 300,000.“This announcement is no surprise to anyone who works at Hearst,” said one editor on the condition of anonymity. “If they were smart, every one of those employees at Shop Etc. and Weekend should have been looking for new jobs the minute they were not assigned floors at the new tower.” -- Fashion Week Daily
I am so sad I absolutely loved Shop Etc. I kept meaning to get a subscription but I guess that wouldn't make a difference now. It's nice to carry around a slim little fashion bible as opposed to the monstrous Lucky or Vouge. O well, hopefully someone in publishing will come up with something similar.

Friday, August 25, 2006


I'm not talking about Opie and Anthony, I am talking about my astonishment with this dandy new tool I stumbled across. As a woman who has a very ample bosom there are always complications when trying to wear something revealing. An armor-like strapless or push up bra, although very supportive and effective, only gets you so far. I'm eager to test Lifttits for myself. Aside from the funny name, these clear stickies are supposed to raise your natural breast about 2 inches, even if you are as big as D's! Don't believe it check out the demonstration video (be aware there is naked breast). I'm sold, must order now...

Casual Friday

Even when you work for non-for profit organizations you have to look your business casual best during the week. But thank god for Casual Friday. I am kicking back with my flip flops, denim mini, and hysterical graphic tee while I bang out the work. But, I will be slipping out for a long lunch at work to pick up some goodies. TGIF baby...

Green With It

As if you though Gisele Bundchen couldn't get any more enviable... Check this out.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Abercrombie & You

Abercrombie & Fitch is currently accepting submissions for the Spring Break 2007 photo shoot. Do you think you have what it takes? There are a few people who come to mind for me... But, I digress. If you want to be part of it here's how you go about it. Casting ends in October so get on with it so you can run around not really wearing any clothes at all for one of the best known prep-labels in America with other abnormally beautiful people such as yourself.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is IT

So let's talk new "it" bags because with everyone season comes a new crop of possibly wait-list worthy bags. And as it seems now the bags that we will all be vying for have one thing in common, the bigger the better! First and foremost there is the Fendi B Bag. I have heard tons about how this is the new Spy or Motorcycle Bag but I have to say I just don't see it. Although the detailing is great (tell-tale Fendi) that is the only thing I find desirable, the bag as a whole not so much. Thankfully, there are many more new bags that have been deemed lust-worthy. Take your pick, there is The Club by Versace, The Emmy by Mulberry, The Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent, The Mahala by Jimmy Choo, The Tracy by Chloe, and my pick The Rebel by Dior. But honestly the one I would shell out the big bucks for is this gorgeous new Chanel. I guess I should start saving up those pennies, i'll get to big bucks eventually...

Luxe Sales

This weeks sample sales are all about luxury to the max:
  • First of we have the Prada sample sale. Unfourtunately for all of us who didn't get the notice the minute it was released there are no longer any available appointments. Yes, you read it right, appointments. But, worry not, if you go to the website and register you will automatically be added to their mailing list and you will get instant notification for the next sale.
  • Next there is the Hermes sale starting tomorrow and running till Saturday. Honestly as much as I hate the fact that I had over 400 e-mails waiitng for me when I got back it was nice to know that at least half of them has worthwhile information because I would not have known about this sale otherwise. It's at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St.(btwn. 6th & 7th) in the 4th floor gallery. You'll see me their tomorrow the minute it starts at 2PM. The other days are as follows: Wed 2pm-6pm; Thu 10am-8pm; Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-4pm. Don't miss out.
  • Lastly there is the Billion Dollar Babes sale. Check out their website and sign up so you can make a reservation and be one of the lucky ladies to get up to 80% off of Freedom of Choice, KAROO Mark Eisen, Mimi Turner, Park Vogel, Paul Smith, Sass & Bide, Tocca, Tulula, Vivienne Westwood, and many many more.

I'm Back

I know you all missed me and my enthusiastic and emphatic posts! I was on vacation but as you can see from my Meez I'm back to work this morning sadly leaving my bikinis behind. But, looking styling in my brand new Hollywould black leather slingbacks (purchased at the INSANE sale), this awesome professional yet fun Tara Jarmon for Target skirt, white boatneck tank, and of course my trusty Fendi spy in black(Happy Birthday to me from me!). I have much posting to do and I will be pumping it out all day so, keep your eyes on She Spys for all The Buys you know you love!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Silver Spoon In Your Mouth

After over a decade underwriting commercial loans, Los Angeles-based designer Karin Collins has put her business experience together with her passion for art, pop culture and fashion to create SpoonFed Art. In January 2004, after a few major life changes, Karin decided to leave her job to pursue a more fulfilling career. Just prior to resigning, Karin had begun fashioning pendants out of spoons as a means of therapy for an eating disorder. "It was the first time I had allowed myself a real creative outlet and it made life better. I made the pendants for myself, but every time I wore one I was amazed at the amount of compliments I received." So when a friend suggested that she start a business, Karin decided to give it a try... and SpoonFed Art was born. After being contacted by their head of PR, Kira Bloom, about a sale this in August where everything on the site is 10% I took a look at the products and read the story. I fell in love with this pendant but there are tons of others for you to pick from.

Downtown Is Blowing Up

I am loving this little bit of news about my little world of downtown Manhattan. Tiffany & Co. has announced plans to open its second New York City location at 37 Wall Street! The new 7,600 square-foot store, just around the corner from the New York Stock Exchange, is slated to open in fall 2007. And apparently earlier this year, Herm├Ęs announced plans to open at 15 Broad Street, near the new Tiffany's location. The proximity of these two stores will create a major destination for upscale shopping less than five blocks away from my job and my school! "When three Fifth Avenue retailers sign leases below Chambers Street within a year, you know downtown's retail renaissance has begun," said Eric Deutsch, President of the Downtown Alliance. I completely agree and am waiting for the tranformation with bated breath.

I Wish...

that I worked in midtown so I could just get a look at this. These random happenings are the reason that I don't think I could live anywhere but NYC.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Didn't Forget!

11:30-7:30 @ 210 Elizabeth Street (btwn. Prince and Spring) I'm sorry I totally spaced. and gave you false information it is THIS Thursday, Friday, and Saturday not LAST week. It looks like such a good sale I couldn't concentrate on the words just the prospect of an awesome sale!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Digital Me

Ok, so I have been checking out some of the other fashion blogs and I noticed something I liked. Lots of pages have avatars depicting the person behind it in all their fashion goodness. So, I would like you to meet me or at least my avatar. She will be rocking out at the top of my page depicting what I am wearing/doing on a daily basis. A little window into my fashion/personal life. And if you like what I'm wearing I'll try to inform you of where you can pick it up. For example today I am wearing this top, white linen pants from Lacoste similar to these that are on sale at Banana Republic with white Rocket Dog flip flops (so comfy) and I'm carrying one of my trusty Balenciagas, a perfect summer accesory in this color. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More News That's Right On Target

From magazine pages to store shelves, Target has set its bull’s eye on a new mark: Rafe Totengco. Rafe (short for Ramon Felix), whose line of accessories debuted under the Rafe New York label at Bergdorf Goodman in 1995, has been tapped by the cheap chic retailer to design a capsule collection of handbags and small accessories. The products are expected to make their debut at Target stores in October, around the same time Behnaz Sarafpour’s fashion pieces will also roll out. Over the course of his decade-long career, Totengco has garnered an Accessories Council Award for Best Accessories Designer, won the CFDA’s Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design in 1999, and was honored with a Rising Star Award in 2000 by the Fashion Group International. -- Fashion Week Daily

Go International AGAIN

With Luella and Tara Jarmon checked in for their departing flight it is time to welcome the new arrival Paul & Joe! I am loving this top on the right, the kimono dress (damn you Kara Janx), and all the coin purses and wristlets that are just too cute! I'm heading over there tonight to check it out hopefully I can get some Tara clearance while I'm at it.

Girls Night Out AGAIN!

We all remember the last Schecky's Girls Night Out and if you missed it (like myself) you can buy tickets now for the one in October. The complimentary cocktails and the free goodie bag might be worth the long line you will have to wait in if you don't get there early enough.
Plus, check out this sweet deal they are offering.

Ultimate Find

You don't have to go to New Jersey for this Find Outlet sale. It's located right here in Chelsea 361 W. 17th btwn. 8th & 9th) and it will be a doosey. The Semi-Annual Warehouse Sale will boasting items 70%-90% of retail with some stuff starting as low as $5-$10. So on Thursday head over there and get first pickins because it will be a crazy sale that's over on Sunday and you don't want to miss out.

Where Mah Dogs At?

I was invited to join the Pet Blog Network as you might have noticed from the banner on the right. Thanks for the thought! Now here's one in return. Take a lick at this: Cute, fun, and (let’s face it) downright ridiculous harnesses for your pooch are 25% off at Bella Paris with the code DCBELLA. I wish they made this in my size minus the harness-ness orf course.

Most Hideous Thing Ever

I wasn't a big fan of the whole cowboy/country thing when it came into style but these are above and beyond the ugly of anything that I had seen before. What were they thinking?! The sad thing is, I know I will see someone sashaying down the street with them on in a couple of months like they're on the runway. And I will point and laugh...