Thursday, August 31, 2006

Angela Keslar I Love You

I was lucky enough to be able to watch Project Runway with my mom last night. It's probably the first time all season that I was able to catch the show on Wednesday night as opposed to the marathon re-runs that they have every weekend. I was so sad that Angela got sent home. She was a crazy bird but she definitally had unbelievable talent in her own little niches. And I was not the only person who was crushed I'm sure considering someone spent $710.00 on her winning design for I.N.C on Bravo's auction site. Honestly, couldn't they have just waited till they could order from Macy's? You can even buy a t-shirt that has the design screen printed on it! The whole thing is a bit pricey considering she put it together for only a mere $125.oo or whatever but it has all the Angela style and is perfect for the fall. I will miss her but now I'm rooting for Michael. That boy is gonna win!

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious? her stuff is so hokey! the only thing that had any taste to it was the macy's challenge she won and that was only b/c she was on a team that controlled her and the crazy grandma rossets

anyway, you're right about Micheal, I think his work is immaculate and could be in Barneys