Sunday, August 27, 2006

Who Wears The Pants?

Wouldn't it me nice not to be wearing lace thongs or tangas all the time, come on be honest somehtimes you know you just want to trade them in for granny panties but fear being discovered in some spontaneous passion by your significant other. Inspired by the simple, nonchafing men’s boxer and tailored just for women, the little shorty-shorts are saucy and sexy without any girlish frills. The plaid and striped numbers are made from the same fine Italian and Japanese cotton fabrics that Steven Alan uses in his button-down shirts. They look comfy and you can feel free to pull a Marilyn on top of the subway grates or join the boxer vs. brief debate. Available at Steven Alan Annex, 229 Elizabeth Street (btwn. Prince and Spring), 103 Franklin Street, at Church Street, 465 Amsterdam Avenue, (btwn 82nd and 83rd) and of course online.

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