Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Named After Me!

The first US outpost of this posh Italian footwear manufacturer will be like stepping into heaven. All your favorite boys will be on display and ready to wear, from John Galliano to Marc Jacobs @ Iris 827 Washington St. (Gansevoort & Little W. 12th St.) Although I haven't yet been I couldn't help but be excited. I wonder if they will give me a discount.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do It Yourself... Almost

Are you one of those people who loves the handmade look? Not quite able to pull it off yourself or just too lazy too? Well, I am the latter and I love it when I can find cute, unique, handmade items that will compliment my everyday wardrobe. Like these earrings although I could probably break out my crochet hook and get to it I'd rather just fork over the $50, wait a few days, and wear them out. Saves my fingers a load of pain. Same thing goes for these darling hair pins. Unless of course someone wants to make them for me...

Long Time Coming

I have been doing SO much research trying to find truly green products for the readers of She Spys The Buys after a request came in. And do I have some wonderful eco conscious fashions for you... First of there is the plastic bag problem. Although it isn't particularly about fashion:
  • Worldwide, over one million plastic bags are used EVERY MINUTE.
  • In the US, about 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees go to producing plastic and paper bags each year.
  • About 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year.
Now that the stats have been established there are lots of plastic bag alternatives, such as reusable shopping bags and eco chic totes. The ones I have found are:
  • First and most talked about is Anya Hindmarch's "I am not a plastic bag". Basically a totally styling alternative to the plastic bag and a super cheap $15.00 for designer fabulousness. It sounds too good to be true and it is because they are completely sold out everywhere. Plus, Ms. Hindmarch has decided to put all her attention towards growing her brand. You can still pick one up on eBay though.
  • If you like the idea of green living you can find great tips and products at Ideal Bite. Sign up for their mailing list and have green living emailed to you everyday. They definately subscribe to the idea of your own bag as opposed to paper or plastic so much so that they even have their own version. Spread the word and become a Biter!
  • The lightest reusable bag on the market is the ACME bag. Yeah, you can rock out like the coyote chasing the road runner when you do your shopping. The best part is it conveniently folds up into a tiny little carrying pouch that you can put in your big purse.
  • Last but not least there is my old eco standby Ecoist. They have their own set of 5 reusable bags that are colored to match and come in their own carrying case. With 5 different sets of 5 bags each there is something for everyone.
Now, maybe you're not doing your groceries your out on the town. There are plenty of ways that you can still live the green life while doing your everyday things.
  • First place to shop is HER Design. With bags made out of linen, hemp canvas, organic cotton, vegan leather, silk, etc. It's easy to see that there is a little something for everyone. My personal favorite, The 'Iris' in any of the many different fabric options.
  • Kim White specializes in handbags made from vintage automobile fabrics. Personally I really like the 1975 AMC Gremlin clutch. Reusing is the way to go. It keeps this stuff out of our landfills and is really a slap in the face to our unbelievably wasteful society.
  • Speaking of keeping stuff out of landfills. There is always Ecoist and now Escama Studio. They make a bag similar to one on Ecoist but they use colorful thread to keep them together.
  • If your looking for a whole plethora of organic and green things check out this online shop. They have a little bit of everything and all in that loving mother earth kind of way.


Hey pet owning fashionistas! How crazy in love with your pet are you? Crazy enough to spend hundreds on clothes, beds, food, toys, etc. that's for sure. But how about spending some money on memorializing them forever and taking them with you everywhere. Sounds good right... I suppose in theory this could be a great idea but what has been bought to my attention as a possibility of achieving this goal is less than ideal to me. Enter Catty Shack Creations, where you can have a purse made from yarn that is spun from your cat or dog's shaved fur. How do they do this you ask, well, first you would bathe the cat and blow out the coat to make sure it’s clean, fluffy, and tangle-free. Then they shave the animal down, carefully collecting each hair fiber. Then that hair is left to “cure” for a few days to remove all moisture. The hair fibers are then carded. The carded hair now enters the spinning process. At Catty Shack Creations they use two spinning wheels, yeah you read right spinning wheel. Once the hair is spun, the knitting can begin. Crazy? Not Crazy? You be the judge...

It's Getting A Little Out Of Hand

Target is right on the bull's-eye for its next designer collaboration, tapping Loeffler Randall designer Jessie Randall to create an accessories line which will debut in early 2008. The collection is being previewed to long-lead press Wednesday at the Target Studio on Seventh Avenue. Randall follows in the footsteps of Rafé New York, Devi Kroell, and most recently, Hollywould and Dominique Cohen, all of whom have designed more wallet-friendly product for the mass-with-class retail giant. And I'm all for capsule collections but after seeing the Hollywould product that is supposed to sell October 21, 2007 to January 19, 2008 I'm a little worried that we might get something not so fabulous from this newest designer collarboration...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That Time Of Year Again

With the warm weather quickly leaving it's time to think about fall trends. I have to laugh about it because you really see how quickly things make a turn around. And although one day your out within a few months you can be right back in. This fall you want to make sure that you stock up on:
  • Some good denim! Trouser jeans are my new fave (I knew they were making a come back even though it took longer than I thought it would) but you could also go with some straight leg jeans if trouser doesn't quite work for you.
  • The color gray! Gray is the new black this season from clothes to shoes to handbags. It compliments every color and look, in a subtle way. Gray is the way to go! I wish my Hollywould flats hadn't stretched out so badly.
  • Menswear in general! Who wears the pants in your relationship? Or that crisp button shirt, or that fabulous trench coat. Show him that anything you can do he can do better!
  • Ankle booties! I have been saving a pair of Steve Madden ones that I got last year on sale. And although they don't have them anymore because Steve never repeats anything (haha) these are perfect for the fall.
  • Cropped jackets! Again, I picked up a totally awesome one last fall and have kinda been holding on to it till now but you should pick one up because they go with any outfit and are super comfy.
So that's my take on the fall, there are lots of things you might want to try out but these are key. You can build on them and use them in the future.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Yeah it's a been a while since I have done this but, there are some totally wonderful sales this week.
  • The notorious Jimmy Choo sample sale is here... shoes, bags, and accessories from 65% off. I went last year and the line was CRAZY. The deals and selection really depended on what size you are. If your closer to sample sizes there will be more for you, as is a guess to be expected. Get there early, that's my only word of advice. This Thursday, from 12-7:30 p.m.@ Warwick Hotel, 65 W. 54th St., at 6th Ave.
  • Mulberry is up to 75 percent. All I'm thinking about is the beautiful beautiful bags. I'll definately try to stop by this Wednesday & Thursday, from 10-7 @ 140 W. 57th St., btwn. 6th & 7th Aves., ste. 9b.
  • Charlotte Ronson's summer dresses for $75, wedge shoes for $45, and sweaters for $70. Great way to get ready for the fall. This Wednesday thru Friday from 10-6 @ 1071 6th Ave., b/t 40th & 41st St., ste. 301.
  • Some of my fav Brooklyn boys Hayden-Harnett and they are doing it up for a good cause. Up to 80% off clothes, bags, and other accessories, with 20% of proceeds benefiting the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This Wednesday thru Saturday from 12:30-7:30 @ Edge NY, 65 Bleecker St., btwn. Broadway & Lafayette St.
  • Freebies like cocktails and Alpha Beta peels from MD Skincare (normally valued at $200) are reason enough to check out the Billion Dollar Babes shopping event. Here’s another bonus: and Cynthia Rowley gear is discounted by up to 80%. To register and RSVP, go to They won't let you in if you don't RSVP. This Wednesday (8-8) and Thursday (8-6) at the Altman Building 135 W. 18th St., nr. 6th Ave.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Speaking of Shoes

The Big Apple has its fair share of designer shoe salons, but how many can claim their own ZIP CODE? Today, Saks Fifth Avenue unveils its new heel emporium on the eighth floor - a shoe department so big, it will be the first store floor granted its own digits by the U.S. Postal Service: 10022-SHOE. By the way, there will be stamps. But more importantly, there will be shoes about 10,000 pairs, nearly double what Saks used to carry on the fourth floor. Joining their current roster of 38 favorite designers, including Prada and Jimmy Choo, will be newcomers Alejandro Ingelmo, Azzedine Alaia, Brian Atwood, Costume National, Derek Lam, Gianvito Rossi, Jonathan Kelsey, Nicole Brundage and Sergio Rossi. And you will shop in glam, modernist style: The futuristic redesigned space with curvilinear displays and jewel-toned upholstery will feature a 70-foot-long curving wall of handblown Murano glass bubbles. There will be a shoe repair and refurbishing service, a Charbonnel et Walker chocolate café and a VIP back room for private shopping with an adjacent fitting room. An express elevator will whisk shoppers straight to the floor. That's my next stop after Hollywould.

Super Sale

I am totally obsessed with Hollywould shoes. And it is that time of the summer again, you guessed it, insane sale! Today, tomorrow, and Sunday from 11:30-7 @ 198 Elizabeth St. See you there!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

For All The Eco Chic's

Victoria’s Secret, which last December agreed to adopt eco-friendly alternatives for its mass-mailing businesses, is about to go one step further come spring, The Daily has learned. That’s when the brand, along with Victoria’s Secret Pink, a more whimsical line of lingerie and loungewear aimed at the younger set, will further their environmental awareness, launching mini collections of environmentally conscious apparel. Key items will include fleece tees, tanks, and accessories made from organic cottons. “This is definitely the right next step,” a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret Pink confirmed to Fashion Week Daily. “Customers love our brand and are very aware of the environment right now. Everyone is conscious of it.” Don’t expect to see a “Pink goes Green” tagline, however. Though the pieces will be an ecologically sound option for consumers, it will only make up a small portion of the retail giant’s overall assortment. According to the spokesperson, the brand is still exploring other ways to enhance public consciousness. I guess it's a step in the right direction.

Celebs Are Just Regular People!

Look how Kate Bosworth rocks her $17.99 Libertine for Target T-shirt Dress. She's not pretentious and elitist she's just plain old Kate in her super cute dress which is still available on Personally I would probably pair it with some leggings or jeans but I don't rock the same kind of Blue Crush body that Ms. Bosworth does. And it this dress doesn't float your boat check out the other great Libertine stuff.


We all know that I absolutely LOVE jewelry and I'm always on the look out for something new and innovative. Well now you can take a trip back to your youth, when the simplest things, such as blowing bubbles, in the backyard brought you so much happiness with this blown glass blowing bubbles necklace from dejarnette. I'm not so sure I can pull it off but it looks so cool and definately unique!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Would You?

While perusing the sales stuff, I found these Christian Louboutin wedges. They are strangely attractive and at the same time I wonder if I would have anything to match them. Now here is the question...