Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey pet owning fashionistas! How crazy in love with your pet are you? Crazy enough to spend hundreds on clothes, beds, food, toys, etc. that's for sure. But how about spending some money on memorializing them forever and taking them with you everywhere. Sounds good right... I suppose in theory this could be a great idea but what has been bought to my attention as a possibility of achieving this goal is less than ideal to me. Enter Catty Shack Creations, where you can have a purse made from yarn that is spun from your cat or dog's shaved fur. How do they do this you ask, well, first you would bathe the cat and blow out the coat to make sure it’s clean, fluffy, and tangle-free. Then they shave the animal down, carefully collecting each hair fiber. Then that hair is left to “cure” for a few days to remove all moisture. The hair fibers are then carded. The carded hair now enters the spinning process. At Catty Shack Creations they use two spinning wheels, yeah you read right spinning wheel. Once the hair is spun, the knitting can begin. Crazy? Not Crazy? You be the judge...

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