Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Stores Today: H&M Garden Collection

Just a reminder that The Garden Collection by H&M (the company's first fully-sustainable line) officially launches TODAY in H&M stores nationwide. This is under H&M's first collection made entirely from environmentally adapted materials (including organic cotton, organic linen and recycled polyester), and is made up of 80 items and 10 accessories all under $60. I am definitely tgoing to try to check it our after work. I think these pieces below are my favs. Can we say Easter Sunday with that dress? I think so... If you want to check out more pieces click here for the full look book.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad *&^ Bag

Serious hardware has been a major trend and I'm loving the Mary Kate Studded Messenger Bag, I came across that has TONS of it. It's perfect for both the past fall/winter and upcoming spring/summer seasons, heartily decked out with a bevy of hardware and in the latest style, messenger! What else is great about it? Well... it's huge, it zips closed, it's not too pricey for all the wear you'll get out of it and it doesn't weigh a ton even with all that hardcore hardware. Right now thank to the ladies at Fashion Pulse Daily everything (including this fab bag) on the site is 20% off with the code PULSE20 but it expires in a week (3/29/10 to be exact) so just do it!


This weekend I went shopping with a friend to find her the perfect dress for a night out in NYC you know: drinks, dinner at Mesa Grill, dancing after... the whole nine. We went from store to store unable to find anything that would suit the bill when really we should have just hit up one of our favorite places to shop, Nordstrom Rack, in the first place.

While she found a bunch of awesome and budget dress possibilities I wandered around looking for something for myself and came across a whole bunch of racks with trouser jeans!! I know, I couldn't believe it either. While the brand (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) was not what I had originally envisioned they are a great wash, decent fit (although a higher rise than I'm used to) and almost $70.00 off the original retail!!! How could I turn that down especially when my boyfriend was footing the bill?

If you are searching for trouser jeans and are not near the Nordstrom Rack in White Plains (where there are still tons of awesome jeans) like I was you can check out an alternative that I was seriously considering but, had not a chance to try on. These Trouser Dark Wash Jeans from Banana Republic are also a good fit but, unfortunately carry a hefty price tag. I'm glad I was able to avoid it this time but, since it's what I wanted I probably would have paid it... they are spot on.

Spanx for Men?!?

I love Spanx I mean what woman who doesn’t like seamless shapewear that hides their tummy? The new new Spanx swimwear, is pretty hot so since they are on a roll Spanx has announced they’re coming out with Spanx for Men! What do you think, would your guy try Manx? Be honest! Until we've unraveled that mystery check out the styles they are offering.

Payless, Get More

While flipping through the March issue of Vouge I came across some amazingly fierce Alice and Olivia sandals that I am in love with. Unfourtunately, I have no immediate need for them so I'm hoping against hope that my size will be there when the price on the black ones drops. However, that is unlikely since there are limited quantities available. So, get them while you can but, stay away from the 9.5's...

Alice and Olivia for Payless

Cookie Craziness

I was wandering around the grocery store the other day looking for lady fingers to make a homemade tiramisu to no avail! Apparently they only exist in Italian bakeries and I had to settle for coffee soaked madelines but, I digress. While perusing the cookie aisle I came across these crazy designer Animal Crackers. Yes, you read right animal crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabbits... and Lily Pulitzer. Kids grow up so quickly! I wonder what's next...

An Affordable Statement Necklace

I have spent months searching for a statement necklace that won't break the bank and was really hoping that I would find a good deal at some end of winter season sales. Unfortunately, I was wrong... the most desirable pieces were so much so that they were all gone and the pickins' were slim to say the least.

I am delighted to say that all the waiting was not in vain... I found an amazing, totally unique, handmade option for a killer price. This Black Faceted Stone Bib Necklace is available on Etsy for a totally affordable $9.99!! If that isn't right for you Make This Your Own has lots of other affordable options for rings, earrings, headbands, and of course necklaces including this lace bib necklace featured on The Budget Fashionista. All of them are competely worth the price tag, beautful and unique! I can't wait to wear this great piece...

Spluge vs. Budget: Foldable Ballet Flats

After spending all day stomping around the office and all night hitting the bars, clubs, mall (whatever) in your killer heels your feet could use a break. What's a girl to do? Enter the foldable ballet flat: small enough to fit in your purse, desk, or car, comfortable enough to wear after you've been beating up your feet, and chic enough that it won't matter either way. There many different options so, which one is best (aka cheapest)?

Spluge vs. Budget: Foldable Ballet Flats

The one on the left is by Sue London (whose claim to fame was foldable ballet flats) retailing at about $168.00 a pair or more depending on where you buy them. The ones on the left are called CitySlips and retail for $24.95 a pair. Both come with a small carrying case so you can tuck them away and keep your purse, desk, or car clean. I can hear your feet (and wallet) breathing a sigh of relief, your welcome!

You've Got This - Trends Spring 2010

Here are 20 things you can rock out for spring that you probably have in your closet already if you had jumped on the trend bandwagon when they first arose. I'll admit I didn't so there are some gaps but, making it work with what I have sounds great to me.

1. Statement Necklace - One trend I love is the statement necklace. Ubiquitous for the past few seasons, it's the quickest way to make your outfit pop.

2. Boyfriend Blazer - Last season's must-buy, the boyfriend blazer, still looks fresh layered over dresses and skirts, or paired with jeans and shorts.

3. Belts - Thick or thin, belts continue their run as an important accessory, instantly transforming virtually anything in your wardrobe. Wear yours to cinch cardigans, jackets, t-shirts, blouses, dresses and more.

4. Florals - A top trend for more than 4 years in a row florals for spring always look fresh.

5. Ruffles - Another trend that has been hot for several seasons, there's no need to put away your ruffled pieces just yet.

6. Trench Coat - The one piece on every Top 10 list year after year is the classic trench. Hopefully you've gotten the hint and have at least one in your closet, bonus points if it's in a bright color. Don't own a trench? Get one - now.

7. Bangles - Cuffs may be the big trend for wrists this season, but it's still chic to pile on your chunky bangles.

8. Grecian or Gladiator Flats - For the third year in a row, Grecian flat sandals are a summer footwear favorite.

9. Hobo Bag - You likely have a slouchy bag in your closet from seasons past and, thankfully, it's still in style.

10. Cargo Pants - A staple of your casual wardrobe for several years, the military inspired pant looks fresh again this season. Wear yours with pretty printed tops and heels or wedges for a fresh look.

11. Denim Skirt - Whether mini or pencil, it's time to dust off your old denim skirt.

12. Wedges - A mainstay of spring wardrobes for several seasons now, you likely own a pair or two, lucky you!

13. Skinny Jeans & Boyfriend Jeans - Both denim silhouettes are still favorites this season, I own neither but, we all know how hard it is to find the best jean.

14. Turquoise Jewelry - Every few years, turquoise jewelry regains its must-have status proving to be a wise investment for your collection. Odds are you've got at least a piece or two in your jewelry box.

15. Nautical Striped Top - Timeless navy and white or red and white striped tops are still trendy.

16. Scarves - Whether you invested in last summer's lightweight scarf or have an old printed silk scarf in your closet, drape yours over tees, tanks, cardigans and more.

17. Fringed Handbag - The fringed boho accessories that were so hot last spring still look great with denim and florals this season.

18. One-Shouldered Dress - Asymmetrical tops and dresses were hot last spring, were still hot in the fall, and continue to make a statement this spring.

19. Leggings - Love 'em or hate 'em, leggings are still in style.

20. Shorts - Shorter length shorts are one of the hottest trends of the season.

Four Eyes

I've been wearing glasses or contacts since I was in the second grade... paying for years to make my eyes do what they are supposed to. It's total BS if you ask me! Lucky for me I've come across where some genius has cornered the market on affordable (yet attractive) eye wear for the vision impaired. Head the site and browse the collection of 27 not-too-modern styles in a plethora of different colors. You can also upload a photo of yourself, and try out different looks from the collection. All are custom made from cellulose acetate (more durable than plastic) with antireflective, antiscratch polycarbonate prescription lenses. A pair costs just $95, lenses included!!! If you’re not satisfied, return them for a refund. To make it even better they will donate one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold... This sounds too good to be true! Un-Lucky for me it is, I am too ocularly challenged for them to fill my prescription. I guess that what having glasses for 15+ years will do to you, darn you eyes! For those of you who are less challenged head to you eye doctor and get your prescription!