Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spluge vs. Budget: Foldable Ballet Flats

After spending all day stomping around the office and all night hitting the bars, clubs, mall (whatever) in your killer heels your feet could use a break. What's a girl to do? Enter the foldable ballet flat: small enough to fit in your purse, desk, or car, comfortable enough to wear after you've been beating up your feet, and chic enough that it won't matter either way. There many different options so, which one is best (aka cheapest)?

Spluge vs. Budget: Foldable Ballet Flats

The one on the left is by Sue London (whose claim to fame was foldable ballet flats) retailing at about $168.00 a pair or more depending on where you buy them. The ones on the left are called CitySlips and retail for $24.95 a pair. Both come with a small carrying case so you can tuck them away and keep your purse, desk, or car clean. I can hear your feet (and wallet) breathing a sigh of relief, your welcome!


Behind the Wardrobe said...

This idea is so simple it's shocking no one has come up with it before. I just wrote about Fit in Clouds foldable flats on my blog behindthewardrobe.org. My favorites are the black sequins. I just can't stand to see girls walking home barefoot - yuck!

She Spys said...

Thanks for the other option! Your blog is great. I was thinking the same thing walking home barefoot really stinks ;)