Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Four Eyes

I've been wearing glasses or contacts since I was in the second grade... paying for years to make my eyes do what they are supposed to. It's total BS if you ask me! Lucky for me I've come across www.warbyparker.com where some genius has cornered the market on affordable (yet attractive) eye wear for the vision impaired. Head the site and browse the collection of 27 not-too-modern styles in a plethora of different colors. You can also upload a photo of yourself, and try out different looks from the collection. All are custom made from cellulose acetate (more durable than plastic) with antireflective, antiscratch polycarbonate prescription lenses. A pair costs just $95, lenses included!!! If you’re not satisfied, return them for a refund. To make it even better they will donate one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold... This sounds too good to be true! Un-Lucky for me it is, I am too ocularly challenged for them to fill my prescription. I guess that what having glasses for 15+ years will do to you, darn you eyes! For those of you who are less challenged head to you eye doctor and get your prescription!

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