Saturday, April 29, 2006

Momma's Love...

Mother's Day is fast approaching and although we all know our mothers well sometimes we can't help but wonder what else czn we give her that she will appreciate, because at this point in Mom's life she really doesn't "need" anything else. How about some fabulous jewelry for Mom and yourself? Right now at Elizabeth Showers when you order anything until May14th you will get a beautiful pair of mother of pearl earrings for free. Whether you keep those for yourself or give them to Mom it's up to you!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flip Floppin' Around

With summer at our doorstep I'm sure everyone has put themselves into warm weather mode stocking up on tanks and wedges but cast the good-ole' flip flop to the side. How can you express your individuality and style with someting that everyone else wears because they are 2 for $5 at Old Navy? Well, if you don't care and choose to spend the summer in these comfy shoes anyway your in luck. American Eagle is offering custom color flip flops for a more than affordable $12.50. With 99 different combinations there is something for everyone and everything is unique.


If your downtown today you should make a point to stop by the brand new Sephora store opening on Broadway (nr. Liberty). They are offering complimentary shoe shines, shaves, eyebrow shaping, hand massages, mini-makeovers, and more. First come, first served so make it early.

Bag It Again

Downtown Darling cited Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag as one of the great bags for the spring under $500 and I agree. Right now though you can get it for an extra 30% off with the code CANDY. Normally these promo codes are good for a month but it does vary so get your hands on this affordable "it" bag as soon as you can.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fashion Earth Day

If you are one of those people who is intent on buying a hybrid, bringing canvas totes to the supermarket instead of using plastic bags, recycling, using cloth diapers, etc in order to save the enviornment now you can make a statement with your handbags, as well. Everything from Ecoist is made from recycled items such as candy wrappers and old movie billboards ranging in sizes and cost from the small $28 pouch to the large $235 tote. They even have limited edition items like the Luna Bar clutch pictured. Now even your styling accesories can be enviornmentally sound, what a relief. And, big bonus, for every handbag purchased on the website a tree will be planted!

Get Schooled

When someone feels the need to accuse you of being a "shopaholic" yet again you can now turn around and scoff and their played out, mediafied terminology. A more intelligent way of saying that someone is such a person is to say that they suffer from oniomania (O-nee-uh-MAY-nee-uh) or compulsive shopping; excessive, uncontrollable desire to buy things. It sounds much more definitive and educated. On the other hand, if you a person who call people in their lives "shopaholics" now you can call them an oniomaniac instead and laugh at the fact that they don't know what your talking about. Either way you'll get a chuckle out of it and that's what really matters.

Pearl In The Rough

As a self proclaimed handbag addict the Perlina sample sale is a very exciting event. With prices starting at $10-$100 there is something for everyone. You have till Friday to visit the Perlina showroom in the city located at 10 W. 33rd St. (btwn. 5th & Broadway) in Suite 210. If you happen to be in LI or adjoining boroughs... you have a little more time and can head over to the Perlina Boutique in the Roosevelt Field Mall until May 7th to get the "up to 70% off retail" deals.


The Alexia Crawford Sample Sale is another great idea for posible Mother's Day gifts starting today and running only till the 28th. Location: 35 W. 36th St. (btwn. 5th & 6th) on the 6th Fl. The lightweight and super soft cashmere wraps and scarves, beads, baubles and bangles at wallet friendly, fabulous prices, 80% off wholesale! Tags range from $5-$20 on everything even one-of-a-kind pieces--all specially priced.

Walk In The Knoll

I spotted the Carnelian Knoll booth while shopping for Christmas gifts in Columbus Circle and I fell in love. These handcrafted Murano glass earrings are unique and unbeliavbly stylish and not to mention inexpensive for handcrafted perfection. I was in a drought until I recieved an email this week about the Spring Fair at Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station. From Monday, April 24 through Saturday, May 13, 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 PM Sunday. Carnelian Knoll is in booth #4 on the west side of the hall against the north wall. The designer Julie will be there in person most weekdays. On the weekends Carnelian Knoll will also be taking part in the Crafts on Columbus fair, around 81st Street (btwn. Columbus and Central Park West) April 30-May 1, May 7-8 and May 13-14, from 10 AM to 6 PM. Booth 26S and you can most likely catch Julie there. In addition to color and shape variants of her favorite designs and beads, she is introducing a few limited editions of some gorgeous new lines. If nothing else maybe this could be a perfect Mother's Day gift.

One Woman's Trash....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shoe Day

Apparently today is a shoe day. You still have time today to stop by the ISAAC by Isaac Mizrahi and Magnolia shoes sample sale. Kicks that were $130 to $450 but are now $50 to $75. Don't worry if you can't make it before 6 today they open up at 8:30 tomorrow morning and are open till Friday @ 119 W. 40th St. (nr. Broadway) on the 2nd floor.

Ralph Lauren

Today till 4 PM at 120 E. 56th St. (btwn. Park & Lexington) on the 2nd Floor there is a Ralph Lauren shoe sale... Experience the array of Ralph Lauren Footwear product from all of their spectacular collections. Shoes and boots 65-90% off original retail prices. Come early, as sizes are limited. Women's size 6 and 7 and a small selection of women's runway 8-10.

Wink Wink

My Mother Would Be Proud

When I was a child my mother put my name on EVERYTHING! Partly to keep me from losing things but monogramming and such were her way of helping me to make a fashion statement at an early age. Too bad I hated it. Apparently it was the cool thing to do and my mother was way ahead of her time. Right now at Neiman Marcus you can get this fabulous YSL Muse (quite an "it" bag if you ask me) and if you are so compelled you can have it monogrammed for no extra charge. Who knew this would come back to haunt me?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


For spring and summer the word is flats! Not only are they practical considering your hectic NYC life, in the past few seasons, designers from Marc Jacobs to Steve Madden and everything in between have been perfecting the no-heel in all sorts of way and what used to be boring is now fabulous and desired. Now this wonderful for me, becuase I have a bit of height, 5'8" to be exact, and sometimes you don't want to be taller than your date to be stylin' but for my friends who are petite this is less than perfect. Here comes a happy medium for all from Urban Outfitters and this week they will be shipped to your house at no extra cost with the code SHOESHIP.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Through HIls and Vale

Today from 11-6, only at the Searle's Flatiron location, you will be able to browse the newest collection from fabulous celebrity jewelry designer, Vale, at their one day trunk show. There will be complimentray drinks as well so if your in the area stop by.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


If you are a New Yorker who has not yet subscribed to Time Out: New York, I don't know why, but you need to pick up this weeks copy. It is a "tactical handbook for finding everything from gadgets to gowns + the strategic guide to sample sales." It delivers on all these fronts so get it while it's out there. While your at it subscribe, at $2.99 each week on the newstands or $39.95 for the year in your mailbox, you make out big time.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who Knew

While wandering around the mall today waiting for my shades from Lens Crafters I went into TJ Maxx just because there really was no where else to go. As I made my way through I realized what an amazing untapped resource it is. There was a LeSportsac Remix Hobo for $20 right in the entrance and as I made my way to the shoes in the back it was like being a kid at Christmas... Hollywould, Kate Spade, Via Spiga, Rocket Dog, etc. and nothing was over $150. Could you ask for anything more? This might have to become one of my regular shopping stops.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I was browsing in DSW today hoping to find one more pair of shoes to take with me on vacation and use my $25 gift certificate that they sent me because I spend way too much money on shoes as it is and I spotted these. I was really attracted by the detail, if you look carefully it seems like flowers, plus the slight wedge/platform heel is great if you can't walk well in high heels and perfect for the season. As I took a closer look I was shocked to see that these sandals are Dr. Scholl's. He has really come a long way from the basic wooden flat.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Daily Candy

If you're a New Yorker who has a take on the latest trends, gadgets, hot new restaurants and sales chances are you know about Daily Candy. The e-mail articles are a bright light in the otherwise dismal world of Outlook and a great distraction while your at work. Now you can have access to advice on everything under the sun from like party planning, making a budget, and even how to deal with disgruntled co-workers in their first publication, available online today. Soon it will be as compulsory as the Webster's Dictionary is to the English language when dealing with everyday life.

Girlie Girls

Some sales you just don't want to miss. This might be one of them... It is a one day only sale running till 6PM this evening and it will be a huge liquidation of spring and summer itmes from Milly, Mint, Nanette Lepore, Salt, and tons of vintage stuff. Nothing will be over $60 so if you can find somehting in the piles and piles of stuff you are in luck, at the same time it's pretty hit or miss. If you have nothing better to do head over to the Soho Dance Studio at 598 Broadway (nr. Houston), 6th Floor but if you can't don't sweat it.

Monday, April 10, 2006


This is a thanks to the friends over at Manolo Blahnik Shoes for the lovely comment they left and the heads up on some great places to buy high end designer goodies. Check out the site for a plethora for shopping forums. The one that I liked best was Laura's Resale Boutique, I'm a big fan of resale in general and they have some great prices on Manolo's (naturally) but also Fendi, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and the list keeps going. For example, these Dior sandals, perfect for spring originally $590, now selling for $120. Bonus, they have 40+ sized shoes. So thanks again and everyone shop it up.

Fashion Noir

Some of the most sought after trinkets in the fashion world come from nOir. Celebrities such as the Madonna, Iman, Kelis and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few, have been spotted with these baubles and now you can too, and for a fraction of the cost. Starting tomorrow April 11 till Thursday (11 a.m.-7 p.m.) at 350 West 38th Street (btwn. 8th and 9th) on the 5th floor costume cocktail rings, were $75, now $20; handbags, were $120, now $45; belts, were $105, now $30. It's worth a peek if you have the time.

Ok I Was Mistaken

Someone from Louis Vuitton spotted Lindsey Lohan in ths getup carrying a perforated Speedy and had only one thought, "She cannot be the face for this company! Someone call Naomi and set up a lunch, just duck if she throws something at you..."

Love LeSportsac

This is just a quick note for anyone who saw LeSportsac's Tokidoki line, fell in love and just couldn't get around to ordering it fast enough only to find out not that not very long after pretty much everything was sold out. Don't worry about it anymore, and for heaven's sake stop looking on e-Bay, $175.00 is too much to spend on a Bella bag, especially when you can just order one from Urban Outfitters for normal price. This is a web-exclusive deal and you will not be able to find them in stores. Also, the bag is backordered till the end of May but in my opinion well worth the wait! I just can't get enough of those rainbow zippers.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Any curvaceous girlie knows that finding really cute, stylin' clothes to wear can be a real challenge. Well, thanks to a tip from our friend, V, there is now a new website,, to find clothes that will fit any girlie who is considered a "plus size," all that means is more to love. They have some really cute dresses for the spring and summer, including this one on the right and some baby doll dresses. They also have categories of 50% off, under $25 deals, and under $15 deals! So check it out.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Despite the uncommonly cold weather and snow this morning, the sun this afternoon has inspired me to do some spring cleaning when I get home. Of course there will be the usual run through my closet and drawers and the trip to the salvation army but what to do with all my fantabulous dresses that I just really don't need anymore, I mean I don't see myself going to a prom again in my lifetime and the gala where I work is strictly senior staff only so... yeah. If your in my position why not donate some of your dressage to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Prom Dress Drive located at 1233 York Avenue (btwn. 66th & 67th) on the first floor, suite b101 this weekend, April 8-9 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Help ensure great prom pictures for the center’s young cancer patients and more closet space for yourself.

O No!

Lindsey Lohan really needs to take a break from her trips to the tanning salon. She is practically the same color as her dress with more of a reddish tint, maybe that's why Louis Vuitton dropped her for their new ad campaign and is going with Naomi Campbell instead. It was either that or the fact that coke and beating people is the new thing to do and Lindsey's just not up to speed with that.

Hot Mama

I admire and at the same time, am jealous of Gwen Stefani's ability to be so pregnant and yet so put together and stylish. I only hope that when I have kids (in another 15 years or so) that I can be that fabulous. Hell, I wish I could be that fabulous now.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Showers in Texas?

Never thought it would happen right? I'm not talking about rain I'm talking about Elizabeth Showers, jewelry designer extraordinairre. This Friday from 11 to 4 at the Neiman Marcus in San Antonio there will be an Elizabeth Showers Trunk Show and you lucky ducks down there will actually have a chance to meet her and of course shop her Spring 2006 collection at a discount. I'm so bummed, she couldn't wait another two and half weeks till I'm down there. For all others who are in the same boat as myself check out her website and shop the last call section they have some great deals, like these light jade earrings on the right originally $110 marked down to $18, I'm wearing a pair right now in pink. Bonus, they just added a whole bunch of new stuff.

Jewelry Again and Again!

Starting yesterday (sorry) and running till Friday is another great jewelry sale this time with some extremely affordable stuff. How about sterling silver rings for $10, freshwater and sterling silver necklaces for $50. Great ways to spice up any outfit! Check it out at 8 E. 36th Street (btwn. 5th and Madison) on the 3rd floor.

Sex And The City Lives

Although Carrie's love affairs with Big, Aiden, Berger, The Russian, and the tons of other random guys were a huge part of why we were glued to the television every Sunday night for 6 seasons of SATC. But, there was another reason... the fashion. How stylish they all looked, how perfect everything was put together, and how jealous we all were is due to the talent's of one woman, Patricia Fields. Now, as normal people we can get a bit of her style sense because she has opened a new boutique @ 302 Bowery (btwn. Bleecker and Houston) She calls it, "a compilation … of my different stages as well as new ingredients and a whole new interpretation of style." Sounds good, so lets all go check it out. Who knows, maybe then you really can be a Carrie, Charlote, Samantha, or Miranda.

Wow Sale

Starting yesterday (sorry) and running till Sunday is the major Calvin Kelin sample sale and everything is priced to move, for example a men's light grey suit originally $1400 is now only $395! And for the ladies, summer and couture dresses that were originally $784-$2300 are $195-$495. So get over to 260 Fifth Ave. (btwn. 28th and 29th) as soon as you can , you have till 7 today if not they open again at 10 in the AM.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Check this T-Shirt out on Threadless it is super cute, and makes me think of Pinocchio. I know we all can't wait for another sale but we should show our support in the meantime.

An "It" Bag You Can Afford

Recently alot of celebs have been spotted carrying JJ Winters handbags. From Charlize to the Duffs these bags have been all over L.A. Fashion Week and right now you can get them for well below retail at Rodeo Drive Resale. For an extra 10% off use the code JJWIN4 when checking out through April 7th.

Free To Be Me

Who says that you have to wait till after the season for the major sale. Starting today and running till the 7th there will be a huge Free People sale where current spring styles are on sale for at least 50% off. They come in all shapes and sizes so get over to 261 W. 36th Street(btwn 7th & 8th) on the second floor and get yours before everything goes. Bonus if you look carefully you might find stuff form other designers like Lotta Stensson, Design History, etc.

Calypso Daughter Of Atlas

The Calypso Warehouse Sale runs Thursday (10-6) through Sunday (11-5) at 148 Lafayette Street (btwn. Howard and Grand) on the fifth floor Clothing, shoes and accessories will be marked down as much as 80%. Calypso linen skirts, were $175, now $45; dresses, were $200, now $75; beach totes, were $200, now $50; SIWY jeans, were $200, now $85. Visit the Calypso Outlet store at 405 Broome Street during the sale days and you'll recieve an extra 10% off in-store.

Again With The Jewelry

Snag baubles for yourself at the Ben Arun's luxe jewelry sample sale running tomorrow through Friday at 246 W. 38th Street (btwn. 7th and 8th) on the 12th floor from 12-6:30. Italian resin beaded necklaces that were $230 are only $70, 14k gold chains that were $210 are only $80, etc. Plus you can celebrate your good taste with complimentary cheese, wine, and cocktails, either way it's a win for you.

Jack And Kate Went Up The Hill

Starting yesterday (sorry) and running till tomorrow at the Metropolitan Pavilion is the Jack Spade and Kate Spade accesory sale, everything is at least half off. Head over to 110 W. 19th St, near. Sixth Ave and check it out.

Tax Time

As April 15th rolls in all of us can't help but think of taxes and all that fun stuff. Well here's some news about taxes in a good way. As of Saturday, April 1st, New York has removed it's 4% sales tax on clothing and shoe items under $110.00. Granted it won't save you money on big name stuff but Old Navy, H&M, Urban Outiftters, Torrid, etc. will benefit greatly from this. Shop it up before they turn around in a year or two and bring it back.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trend Alert?

The first living must have accessory was a teeny purse puppy, like Paris Hilton's chihuahuas Tinkerbell and Babmi along with many other fashionistas. Now it's moving in a more serious direction. First Angelina Jolie adopts her two kids Zahara and Maddox, now Jessica Simpson has touched on the fact that she might like to adopt as well. This will not be something that I am jumping on the bandwagone for.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger But...

Yesterday Kimora Lee and husband Russell Simmons announced that they have decided to end their seven year marriage in an "amicable" split. Apparently she really knows what she's doing. From her book's recent press release on "fabulosity":

"Kimora knows that in today’ s ultracompetitive world, it’ s not enough for women just to be smart or dress well. With too much to do and competition everywhere, the savvy woman must know how to combine feminine glamour with professional power, business ambition with personal values, and confidence with heart. Kimora is the living picture of all these things."

O no, whatever will we do if somehting happens to Baby Phat? According to Russel, "We will also continue to work side by side on a daily basis as partners in all of our businesses." Mmmm Hmmm, Ok.