Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger But...

Yesterday Kimora Lee and husband Russell Simmons announced that they have decided to end their seven year marriage in an "amicable" split. Apparently she really knows what she's doing. From her book's recent press release on "fabulosity":

"Kimora knows that in today’ s ultracompetitive world, it’ s not enough for women just to be smart or dress well. With too much to do and competition everywhere, the savvy woman must know how to combine feminine glamour with professional power, business ambition with personal values, and confidence with heart. Kimora is the living picture of all these things."

O no, whatever will we do if somehting happens to Baby Phat? According to Russel, "We will also continue to work side by side on a daily basis as partners in all of our businesses." Mmmm Hmmm, Ok.

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