Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fashion Earth Day

If you are one of those people who is intent on buying a hybrid, bringing canvas totes to the supermarket instead of using plastic bags, recycling, using cloth diapers, etc in order to save the enviornment now you can make a statement with your handbags, as well. Everything from Ecoist is made from recycled items such as candy wrappers and old movie billboards ranging in sizes and cost from the small $28 pouch to the large $235 tote. They even have limited edition items like the Luna Bar clutch pictured. Now even your styling accesories can be enviornmentally sound, what a relief. And, big bonus, for every handbag purchased on the website a tree will be planted!


Lyneve said...

I'm a huge supporter of Ecoist- i bought a small tote, while in amsterdam, made of foil juice container, simular to the capri sun juices, its great for the summer!

Anonymous said...

You found the bags that I wanted when I was in London! You rule!