Thursday, December 25, 2008

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's A Tip

Fashionista's definitely don't need any extra help finding sales, you can't turn your head without seeing or hearing 50%, 60%, or even 80% off items at some of the fav stores. It's been an amazingly frugalicious month of Christmas shopping for sure! That being said, be wary of the sales. While these high percentages off might sound budget that doesn't mean that you can walk out of a store with two shopping bags full of stuff for a pittance. And while I am preaching it to you now I wasn't following it a few days ago and I thought everyone can use a reminder from time to time.

With my arms full of heaping piles of fabulous clothes I made my way to the cash wrap at New York & Co. not knowing what kind of serious damage I had done. The original plan was the pick up a few things for my mom, especially after I saw those big red sale signs but, I ended up going absolutely completely utterly off the deep end buying things for my disillusioned self. So, when I made it to the register I was honestly surprised when I racked up a +$200.00 bill. Completely caught off guard I threw down the plastic but was so bothered that I couldn't enjoy my surprisingly delicious food court fare or any of the subsequent shopping.

The most frustrating part of this had to be when I got home and started to go through my loads of purchases. The stuff I got for my mom was solid but under a more critical eye not all the things I picked out for myself were quite right; some of them didn't fit, some of them weren't necessary, and they were obviously just picked up in the heat of the moment. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in myself. That being said, after going through everything once I can see what isn't exactly right and alot of it needs to be taken back. Now, I didn't only waste my time but now I have to waste my money on gas. Lesson learned! Now I pass it on to you... don't be sucked in by the sale, take a deep breath, think about what you need, try it on, and be as judgemental as possible because you need to absolutely love everything in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Gift Ideas

While going through my spam I realized that there were a few more affordable yet fabulous gift ideas that got sent there. It's a good thing I thought to check! So we're closing in on the big holidays with ridiculous rapidity and you might be stuck wondering what to get those last few friends of family. I understand, I don't think I've ever felt less festive and more stressed but, I know the minute I get the gifts wrapped and under that tree (which I still need to get) I will be Santa She Spys. Plus, I still need to make my annual trip to Saks 5th Ave and see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree which will also help but, I digress.

Onward with gift ideas... The fashionista is always one of the hardest people to shop for because they have great (probably expensive) taste, they are generally good at spotting deals, and almost always end up buying the things that they really want for themselves. That being said, I haven't met a fashionista who didn't absolutely love Project Runway. With its imminent move to Lifetime we can all relive the glory days with Project Runway design kits. You can design handbags, clothes, and even something for your pet! They cover everything from hair, makeup, and jewelry to even the models. It's a fabulous and budget way of surprising those people who never know what they want because they've bought it all for themselves already or it's too fabulous to be affordable.

For people who love lotions and potions there is a personal fav of mine Lush. Although the items are a little more expensive than some stuff it is one hundred times better quality which in my opinion makes it worth it. They have gift sets and all that but they tend to run on the more expensive side. The most thoughtful gift is the one you make yourself anyway so why not pick a few choice items for your friends and make your own personalized set? My first pick was the Emotibomb (which apparently is sold out), simply place the wonder ball on the shower floor directly beneath the water flow — as the warm stream hits it, a wonderful fragrant steam will fill the room. Their lip balms are also awesome, smell and taste great, and do the job right. The soaps are awesome too. Put them together and you have a great personalized spin on the typical body lotion and splash from Bath and Body Works.

And just for fun, if you have an oddball friend who is into the random things I would reccomend Oxygen Plus. O+ is 90 percent pure, recreational oxygen that elevates your energy, increases alertness and restores your get up and go. O+ provides a convenient, natural way to give yourself a boost. give O+. I pulled the scrip from a newsletter and thing the term "recreational oxygen" is hilarious, and your friend probably will too.

So keep on keeping on with the season, but don't forget to take some time for yourself. I know that I've been running around like a crazy person and while I was at work decorating the office tree and spreading Christmas joy it made me want to buy my tree and festify my home. This weekend: Boston, when I get back: Decoration because I can't believe I haven't done it already...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Overflowing Inbox

I'm one of those people, like most, who love to be in the know. So, I keep it up by reading zines, blogs, and of course email newsletters. I get so many that if I don't keep it in check my inbox will be flooded with over 100 emails a day, with maybe 5 that are personal. That being said I have sifted through the fluff and found a few cute potential gift items for you holiday shoppers that are running out of ideas for friends (or for your own wish list).

First there are gifts for the eco-friendly friend. I know that shopping for a person that doesn't want factory pollutant, mass produced gifts can be difficult. Alot of things that are good for the environment are more time consuming to make, not in high demand and at the same time trendy, etc. which makes them pricey and hard to find. That being said, ReMake Its Recycled Gift Kits are really cool. They have a do it yourself mentality which I love and are pretty inexpensive. My favorite is the Wine Cork Trivet which paired with a bottle of inexpensive yet delicious wine (might I recommend the Smoking Loon Merlot or Recession Red) puts your friend on the road to eco-fabulousness for around $20. I also like the Magazine Envelopes and the Bottle Cap Magnets.

This next one is something that could be for anyone who doesn't like cumbersome winter hats. With one of the coldest winters in a long time coming this year it will definitely be handy. This Sweater Floral Earwarmer from Urban Outfitters isn't your mama's fleece earwarmer headband, that's for sure. And thank goodness because I want to rip the one that my mother wears off her head and throw it away but, I digress. They have three colors online but it also came in a gorgeous winter white that you still might be able to find in stores if you go on a hunt. I totally wanted that for myself but after spending a pretty penny on winter hats in Bryant Park a few weeks ago I think it would be prudent to wait and see if someone reads this post and gets it for me.

Lastly, you could really use some affordable fun stuff for yourself after being on the hunt for everyone else. I would recommend hitting up a local Target in a week or two and seeing if they have put out the Thakoon or Hayden Harnett capsule collections. Both are supposed to hit the stores after Christmas on 12/28 but I know the store by me always puts them out at least 3 or 4 days early and that means, less items to choose from when the official release date comes. You might find something you absolutely love, try it on, and want to buy it. I would recommend stalking it online and waiting till they mark it down. It might take a few weeks but in the end it's worth it, winter is still upon us and those things will be just as fabulous and wearable when marked down.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Inspiration & Literature

You might ask what drives me to keep up with this blog. I will admit sometimes things get busy or stressful and it becomes quite the challenge which results in lapsed posts. But, I am trying to keep it consistent and I look for inspiration all around me. Besides my new outlook on shopping there has been one other thing that bought me back hardcore and that is watching ridiculously unnecessary amounts of What Not To Wear re-runs on TLC. Actually, I was even watching them just now during lunch. I love Stacy and Clinton! They are too funny and as complicated as it might seem their fashion rules are really simple and easy to integrate into your life. It led me to do my own closet purge (which, by the way, I want to write a book about) and I got rid of so many things, 12 large shopping bags to be exact. Honestly, it is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself and if you want to get it started but need help email She Spys.

Now I am going to do the most unusual of things for a fashion and sales blog, a book review. That's right, fashion is everywhere! Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That's Right for Your Body by Stacy & Clinton covers every type of body for both men and women telling you how to dress the best for your shape. That being said the book is a bit overrated although, the B&N sale price isn't bad. I mean, you only need to know how to dress yourself, not everyone else. I suggest going to a Barnes & Noble, Borders, or whatever else (I'm non-partisan about book stores) and finding it then, taking some notes. One thing that I found a bit invaluable was the list of items that make a complete wardrobe. I always wonder how they rebuild women's wardrobes after they tear them down. I know they are professionals but that's alot to remeber!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazing Sale

With the world in an economic stupor it has only meant good things for us frugal ladies. Granted, everyone had to be more discerning when it comes to spending money but overall you can get higher caliber goods for low low prices.

That being said, Ann Taylor Loft is having a ridiculous sale! From $6.98 and $9.99 up in store, and a few good items on the web. Those low ticket items are Final Sale but, if you try it on and love it there should be no problem there. And I love their stuff overall for business casual & casual wear. In my local store the super sale items encompassed more than just one paltry free standing rack so there was a good selection to choose from.

Now, that all being said... don't go crazy. Buy what you need and what looks great on you! What's the point in getting great deals if you buy a bunch of fluff for no reason other than the price. I guarantee you it will sit in your closet forever, or until you do some spring cleaning.