Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Gift Ideas

While going through my spam I realized that there were a few more affordable yet fabulous gift ideas that got sent there. It's a good thing I thought to check! So we're closing in on the big holidays with ridiculous rapidity and you might be stuck wondering what to get those last few friends of family. I understand, I don't think I've ever felt less festive and more stressed but, I know the minute I get the gifts wrapped and under that tree (which I still need to get) I will be Santa She Spys. Plus, I still need to make my annual trip to Saks 5th Ave and see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree which will also help but, I digress.

Onward with gift ideas... The fashionista is always one of the hardest people to shop for because they have great (probably expensive) taste, they are generally good at spotting deals, and almost always end up buying the things that they really want for themselves. That being said, I haven't met a fashionista who didn't absolutely love Project Runway. With its imminent move to Lifetime we can all relive the glory days with Project Runway design kits. You can design handbags, clothes, and even something for your pet! They cover everything from hair, makeup, and jewelry to even the models. It's a fabulous and budget way of surprising those people who never know what they want because they've bought it all for themselves already or it's too fabulous to be affordable.

For people who love lotions and potions there is a personal fav of mine Lush. Although the items are a little more expensive than some stuff it is one hundred times better quality which in my opinion makes it worth it. They have gift sets and all that but they tend to run on the more expensive side. The most thoughtful gift is the one you make yourself anyway so why not pick a few choice items for your friends and make your own personalized set? My first pick was the Emotibomb (which apparently is sold out), simply place the wonder ball on the shower floor directly beneath the water flow — as the warm stream hits it, a wonderful fragrant steam will fill the room. Their lip balms are also awesome, smell and taste great, and do the job right. The soaps are awesome too. Put them together and you have a great personalized spin on the typical body lotion and splash from Bath and Body Works.

And just for fun, if you have an oddball friend who is into the random things I would reccomend Oxygen Plus. O+ is 90 percent pure, recreational oxygen that elevates your energy, increases alertness and restores your get up and go. O+ provides a convenient, natural way to give yourself a boost. give O+. I pulled the scrip from a newsletter and thing the term "recreational oxygen" is hilarious, and your friend probably will too.

So keep on keeping on with the season, but don't forget to take some time for yourself. I know that I've been running around like a crazy person and while I was at work decorating the office tree and spreading Christmas joy it made me want to buy my tree and festify my home. This weekend: Boston, when I get back: Decoration because I can't believe I haven't done it already...

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