Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazing Sale

With the world in an economic stupor it has only meant good things for us frugal ladies. Granted, everyone had to be more discerning when it comes to spending money but overall you can get higher caliber goods for low low prices.

That being said, Ann Taylor Loft is having a ridiculous sale! From $6.98 and $9.99 up in store, and a few good items on the web. Those low ticket items are Final Sale but, if you try it on and love it there should be no problem there. And I love their stuff overall for business casual & casual wear. In my local store the super sale items encompassed more than just one paltry free standing rack so there was a good selection to choose from.

Now, that all being said... don't go crazy. Buy what you need and what looks great on you! What's the point in getting great deals if you buy a bunch of fluff for no reason other than the price. I guarantee you it will sit in your closet forever, or until you do some spring cleaning.

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