Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trouser Jeans: Where Did You Go?

While getting dressed yesterday for work I caused the death of my favorite pair of jeans. When I heard the sharp abrupt ripping noise I knew it was bad... and it was, a giant and irreparable hole. I cried for a second, which woke my boyfriend up and I told him all about my late lamented jeans, how fat I was, and how special they were. To which his practical (and half asleep) self replied that they were really old, I wasn't fat, and he would take me shopping after work to get new ones. He's the best. I was thinking that I would go to the GAP and pick up a new pair of the same jeans. They are a pretty classic jean... wide leg, dark wash, simple.

Not as simple as I thought. They no longer have the trouser jean in stock in stores. Frustrating but, not the end of the world there is a LOFT right in that same shopping plaza and my only other pair of jeans is from there, the marisa. So, I headed over but, after combing the entire store couldn't find them myself and when a salesperson offered assistance I gladly accepted (mistake!). All she kept giving me were flare this and boot-cut that even though I very clearly explained more than once that I wanted a wide-leg/trouser jean. Frustrating!!

I headed home, fuming about how it wasn't fair that I should be punished because trouser jeans aren't trendy this season. I was exceptionally tired and cranky after a long day of ripping jeans and work. When I got home I couldn't let it go and started searching online, Here are some of the things I found.

Wide Leg Jeans

There are wide-leg jeans out there, Yay! But, they seems to be only available online, Boo! One of my favorites is the Marisa Nantucket Denim Trousers from LOFT, on that note to the salesperson who couldn't help me yesterday - I told you there were wide-leg jeans, I'm sorry I don't use womens names to categorize the fit of my pants but, I digress. The other that I'm liking is the Mossimo Black: Premium Denim Crisscross (whatever that means) They look promising but, I have no idea what size I am. Frustrating!!!

It's not fair that just because my jeans aren't trendy that I should be relegated to online shopping exclusively. Do I have to wait another 5, 10, or 15 years before I'll be able to buy them in stores again because that's when the trend will hit again? Do I now have to order both of those jeans in three sizes so can try them all on and see what fits best, only to return 85% of what I order? I hope I can figure this out soon...


Millie said...

Try the Editor denim from Express? I think they're still available there. And they do buy one, get one 50% off fairly often.

Good luck!

She Spys said...

Thanks so much I'll check it out!