Friday, September 04, 2009

Splurge vs. Budget Conditioning Gloss

I love lip gloss, I mean what girl doesn't. I am always looking for new tinted stuff. Recently, I got the Tarte gloss as a gift and have been using it all summer. It is an awesome natural pink but, $21.00 a tube is pricey to say the least. e.l.f makes a similar gloss that cost only $3.00 for that much I figured I wouldn't lose anything by giving it a try. Both 2 in 1 glosses have shimmering lip color in the inner tube and clear conditioning gloss in the outer tube for ultimate lip satisfaction... That Tarte stuff is good but, I like the e.l.f one a bit more because the overall color is much more sheer and significantly less expensive... woo hoo budget makeup!

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