Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rachel Zoe To Style Us All

I’m a little excited (definitely curious) about Rachel Zoe’s new collaboration with QVC, which will offer her eye for stylish products combined with prices that everyone will be thrilled about! When I'm on Piperlime dreaming about expanding my shoe storage into a walk in closet, I generally end up agreeing with her picks for their spot on style, not so much the price. Plus, I'm even more curious about her after getting sucked into The Rachel Zoe Project. on Bravo.... damn reality TV! Tune in to QVC on Sept 12 from 8-11p.m. to catch the launch of Rachel Zoe for QVC with prices ranging from $32.50-$130. The event will be broadcast live from inside the tents at New York Fashion Week, so you can pretend your there in the hurricane of fabulousness...

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