Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans... To Buy or Not To Buy?

One of the major trends for fall is the ubiquitous boyfriend jean. I'm normally not attracted to the slouchy, unstructured, overall destroyed look in clothes but, I'm having trouble resisting... they just look so f-ing comfy! Plus, the whole effortless "put together mess" vibe is strangely appealing. So, if I'm going to cave and buy, I need to find some affordable ones. I've always felt that you shouldn't be spend a fourtune on clothes (especially ripped clothes) so, I picked up the Old Navy Weekend Jean. You have to roll them up yourself which I suppose is fine because you can wear them when the weather gets even colder but, they almost aren't distressed enough and the fit is a little off for me. I haven't taken the tags off yet and I'm checking out my options.

I'm still on the fence about the whole thing. Am I just caving to style peer pressure or are these really a great option? What do you think?

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