Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fab Collabs

Fab Collaborations

This set of items might seem a little random but, I'll walk you through it.There were a few fabulous designer capsule collections/lower priced lines/collaborations that launched this past week. Now, we all know that just because a designer smacked their name on it doesn't mean that it is the same quality as the full priced brand but, we can hope. With these newbies I don't think you have to worry about that. First is LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. I went to the store to investigate but, the didn't have it in stock. Major bummer but, hopefully it will be in stock soon. Until then I was exploring online and am kind of in love with the Brushstroke Sheath Dress . There are some other winners from the collection but not everything is a hit.
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The other thing that is on my radar with the colder weather on the way (maybe) are the fabulous Eugenia Kim EEK! hats for Urban Outiftters. Normally her fab head coverings will cost you a pretty penny but, with penny pinchers in mind she has created this awesome (almost identical) capsule collection. If that's still too pricey for you, you can always wait for the sale. But, if you just have to have a hat I found this great riding hat from AVON. Isn't it a little ironic because we started with LC and end up with mark? (which Lauren Conrad is the spokeswoman for) But, I digress... This alternative is a great choice compared to other priceier options and AVON is always having some sort of sale so you can probably snag a discount or free shipping! Hats off to that...

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