Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is IT

So let's talk new "it" bags because with everyone season comes a new crop of possibly wait-list worthy bags. And as it seems now the bags that we will all be vying for have one thing in common, the bigger the better! First and foremost there is the Fendi B Bag. I have heard tons about how this is the new Spy or Motorcycle Bag but I have to say I just don't see it. Although the detailing is great (tell-tale Fendi) that is the only thing I find desirable, the bag as a whole not so much. Thankfully, there are many more new bags that have been deemed lust-worthy. Take your pick, there is The Club by Versace, The Emmy by Mulberry, The Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent, The Mahala by Jimmy Choo, The Tracy by Chloe, and my pick The Rebel by Dior. But honestly the one I would shell out the big bucks for is this gorgeous new Chanel. I guess I should start saving up those pennies, i'll get to big bucks eventually...

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Anonymous said...

there's a sale at torrid