Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Go International

As Target bids farewell to Luella, they are welcoming the newbie Tara Jarmon. Her pretty Parisian flair is a big change from the punky British stylings of Luella, can she live up to her predecesors sell-out smash line? I think yes! So buy anything you see that you like because I'm sure after a short while the only place you will be able to find it will be on eBay for 3x what it costs retail. Bonus, now you can get Luella things that are still in stock at clearance prices. Also, I have a few bags and an iPod holder on eBay starting tonight, don't worry I'm not a price gouger... I picked them up for myself and since I probably won't use them, someone else should benefit.


Anonymous said...

bleh. I'll take another Luella line anyday!

Alex said...

oh no it's v! watch out for vendettas!