Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chéz Targét

You thought that Target couldn't get much better: cheap, practical, and with their Go International lines, unbelievably fashionable. Well your not the only person who thinks that. The people at Intuition and had their own Jaye Hersh collaborate with some of LA’s hottest designers to launch this fun, fashion-forward, limited edition product line aptly named Targét Couture available exclusively at I'm not sure if this is a collaboration of some sort but I am sure that this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

"Make sure to hit the Bullseye and be right on Target with these latest Must-Haves!" -

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Iris said...

As per this post on downtowndarling we now know that apprently all this fame due to Go: International has gone to Target's head:
"The mass retailer we all know and love as Tarjay may have just this very second, gotten a little to big for its britches. The brand recently gave its approval to the Los Angeles store Intuition, the poor man's Kitson, to sell the Target Couture line. The collection includes "designer" handbags by Jaye Hersh, denim by Jaye and Co., jewelry by Lizzie Scheck, and cashmere by Raw-7. Pieces in the collection range in price from $25 to $3000 and all incorporate the designer's interpretation of the bulls-eye, like this $250 Chloe rip-off."