Wednesday, May 03, 2006


When I found Torrid I sang praises to heaven, finally some clothes that was meant for curvy women... and no, I don't mean curvy as a in fat I mean curvy as in I have hips! I am not a waif! And the heads up about from V was another eye opener and a relief, finally there are places online besides Torrid where I can get fun trendy clothes at relatively reasonable prices that actually fit. Things were looking good! Today I recieved an email that really put a huge smile on my face, and a glimmer of envy in my eye because there is no way I can attend this fabulous event.

Finally these industry people are really getting it, not every fashionista is a size 2 or 4 or even a 10. If you happen to go and buy your tickets in advance you will be privy to shopping Monif C's new and sold out lines at considerable discount, offers from sponsers, free cocktails, and a goodie bag!

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Anonymous said...

damn my full time job Alyssa already requested off that day too! -V