Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Politicking And Fashion

It's all realted isn't it? Well, if it wasn't we can be sure that Robin Givhan wouldn't be as recognized as she is for all of her politically related fashion writing in the Washington Post. And now with all the announcements about the intentions of Kerry and Clinton, among others, to run in the 2008 elections it is ironic timing that Al Gore has some news of his own. No, he won't be running but he has created something that could very well help save the world! The eco-activist just inspired his first accessory, "The Friends of Al" tote by Hayden-Harnett. Designed in Brooklyn, the bag is made with all-natural cotton and printed with organic pigment instead of chemical ink. With every purchase, $25 goes to Gore's environmental foundation, Stop Global Warming. The bag also puts an end to cookie-cutter design: Its print was drawn by designer Toni Hayden especially for the project. He's an ecosit for sure!

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Vanessa said...

I am getting this bag!