Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The green shoes? O, yeah, I thought you'd all be curious. No, it wasn't a mistake when I was picking out the color for my Meez today I just happen to have bought the craziest green Juicy Couture pumps while I was at Woodbury Commons this weekend. I honestly don't know what came over me but when shoes call to me I listen... but not in the crazy I hear voices kinda way. In the end it was all for the best because these shoes ROCK! They're comfy, unique, and did I mention comfy? Well you get the point. Plus, they, as well as, my Spy compliment my Old Navy outfit of stylish frivolity very nicely.

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Mayka said...

hello, iris!

we at meez would like to feature you in our next issue. please e-mail me when you get the chance. ;)

buy-spy in SF,
mayka [at] corp [dot] meez [dot] com