Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kooba Sale

If I tell you about nothing else this week I have to tell you about Kooba! There is a huge sample sale going on starting today and they will have a large selection of Kooba bags, as well as, some other stuff including Free People pieces. Now, you might be wondering why this sample sale merits it's own post when most of the time I clump them all together. I'll tell you why. #1 I'm running out the door and I don't have time to compile a list and #2 This sale is just that damn good! I went to the last one they had and picked up a coveted Ginger bag originally about $500 retail but, $250 at the sale. So if this is what you've been waiting for head over to 231 W. 36th St. (btwn. 7th & 8th) 2nd Floor. Today and Thurday until 7 PM and Wednesday and Friday until 6 PM, (wierd I dunno but that's the deal.)

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