Friday, March 30, 2007

Be A Goody-Two-Shoes

While reading this months Fitness, I came across an article that I thought might be of interest. No, not about Yoga Booty Ballet, but clothing! I know, I was surprised too. It was about a generous ER nurse and her involvement in a grassroots organization called One World Running. Basically you can donate your lightly used mens, womens, or kids sneakers so that less fourtunate people in other countries can use them and go about their everyday lives. These are things we take for granted truly and instead of throwing your old kicks out or saving the ones you bought for the gym, wore twice and never touched again, you can pass them along and help someone out. As one of the volunteers, Ana Weir, says, "Having shoes keeps kids in school because without them they'll get sent home, it helps them to avoid potentially deadly diseases like tetanus, and it gives them a sense of importance... even though it's a simple action it, donating sneakers can make a truly profound difference." I couldn't agree more so, send your lightly used sneaks and althetic gear to One World Running, P.O. Box 2223, Boulder, CO 80306!

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