Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shop It Up & Make It Your Own!

I mentioned before there is all this graduation and growing up stuff going on. The first thing I had to do, in terms of graduation, was get a dress. I was successful yesterday at the BCBG outlet in Woodbury Commons. Thanks to the help of my friend Alex and my knowing what works for me I was able to find this beautiful brown dress with gold sequin trim, it was a little more expensive that I wanted to spend ($100) but I'm only going to graduate once... I'll put pictures up maybe so you can see it.

With the purchase of the dress came the need for coordinating shoes. I didn't really have anything that matched =( which was a little frustrating considering I have so many shoes, I didn't want to spend anymore money but luckily there was a Target in close proximity... or so I thought. Frugalicious calls Target the Century Store, I didn't understand because although I could see her point I go there all the time and manage to keep my wallet closed. That is until yesterday.

First, lets talk about the shoes I got.

They are really comfy which is key and on sale so woo hoo. The only problem was they weren't metallic enough to match the dress perfectly but I was determined and decided that I would channel Tim Gunn and make it work. When I got home I took a gold metallic paint marker and painted the beads surrounding the tortoise shell like center beads gold . It totally worked and they look amazing and match perfectly!

While I was in the shoe department I noticed some cute gladiator sandals. Since it has become such a major trend I have been trying to find an affordable pair because who knows if next summer will be such a thing. I was excited because after going to DSW and not finding anything I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find an alternative to the more expensive ones. Target came to my rescue with these Issac Mizrahi sandals! Then I wandered into the Women's department and I found the illusive khaki skirt! And another skirt, both of which will be great for my trip to Italia at the end of the month.

As much as I think every piece was carefully thought about and necessary I wasn't quite ready to be spending so much money in one day. Now I know to be aware of the Century Store and guard my wallet!

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Anonymous said...

I realy love the shoes you got for the dress (and the dress as well!) And it's definitely worth it in my opinion. First- it's graduation, second, it would look great for something else too! And the shoes are awesome- I love those. And love the gold touchup you did- they look great and match perfectly. The outfit screams Iris.

Oh Tim, did she make it work ;)