Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mother Shops Best

My mom is all about pumping up the local economy, which isn't necessarily a bad idea since the recessions has hit and businesses seem to be closing left and right then... store fronts stay empty. Depressing. That being said, sometimes little local boutiques aren't the most cost efficient places to shop because the pieces are one of a kind and it's overall not the same nature as big business where when they cut their losses they cut them hard, I love you Target.

All that being said we went shopping because my teacher mom needed somehting to wear on a school trip and out we went to Loehmann's. Loehmann's is a great place to get serious deals on designer items, granted they are usually a season (or more) past but who cares if it's nothing too trendy. I had long since forgotten about the wonderment of this store because I lacked the time (and patience) to sort through racks of clothes to get the uber deal. But, while momma was shopping I definately had the time.

I got some seriously awesome stuff!!! Try a Marc Jacobs jacket $225.00 off, a Catherine Malandrino dress $425.00 off, gorgeous Wd-Ny skirt $90.00 off, and a gorgeous Atelier blouse $90.00 off! Total spent... less than $200.00!!! And my mom bought me everything except the Marc Jacobs jacket, we can't win them all but I totally feel like I made out just fine. Shop at Loehmann's when you have the time it's totally worth it!

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