Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Back

Italy was great but I'm not going to lie if you could speak a language other than English you should do that the entire time your there and mask your American-ness. That's my two cents.

On another Italy note I got led down an ally at a street fair in Florence to a inexpensive bag heaven. After shopping all week for souvenirs I needed to do a little somehting for myself to celebrate my trip. The one of a kind bags that I found at the leather school in Santa Croce were way too expensive and all my hope rested on the fair. Going through booth after booth I thought I would never find anything for me. Enter crazy Italian lady dragging me to sales... I got two Avorio bags for $200, not Euros... bucks!

On my return home I was immediately inundated with Sex and the City stuff: posters, commercials, emails with offers. There are some things that I loved:
  • First of all the bathing suit that Miranda was wearing on girly weekend when Samantha points out her bush (I know you've at least seen the previews) is fabulous! I wanted it but $350 is way too much for a bathing suit. I'm on the hunt now for a more inexpensive one.
  • I found the love keychain that Jennifer Hudson was sporting on Shop Intuition because everyone needs a 18K gold plated keychain...
  • Supposedly this bag was held by SJP aka Carrie in the movie but I don't remember seeing it. Good thing I'll probably be going again with my gf as soon as we can make a date. I'll be looking out for it. It comes in different colors on Piperlime... maybe green. I'm thinking I might make the splurge!
I need to get to work but... I'll be keeping my eye out for sales and deals now that I'm back!

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