Friday, May 22, 2009

Bargain Beauty

We talked about the inexpensive vibrating mascara but, let's face it ladies, that is not the only kind of make up we use. If only it could be that simple... But, I digress. One of the product lines that I was very eager to try was Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy. Unfortunately, in my area it is a bit difficult to find but, finally last weekend I was able to pick up some items. Having previously purchased Sally Hansen Airbrush foundation I was eager to try the newest one from Sally Hansen. I definitely was not going to purchase the other alternative. So this morning I tried it out. I recommend spraying it onto a sponge so you can stipple it onto your face. That is much more accurate than just spraying it directly onto your face and blends better than using you hands. Check out this video of Carmindy doing it. It is so light and not noticeable I really like it. The Beige/Dark color I got is perfect for summer when I'm a little tanner.

I have also been on the search for a new blush because the shades that I was using before were
kind of dark. Plus for the summer I was gifted a super sheer pink Acerola Rush lipgloss from my old boss and the combo just looks funny. So, while I was shopping for foundation I came across some awesome blush. It's light enough that it actually makes me look flushed but, not unnaturally so and it's perfect for the summer. I recommend using a big fluffy brush for blush. Overall, I am super happy with my Natural Beauty purchases. For the cost and ease of use they fit the bill perfectly and I would highly recommend these products I can't wait to try out the other products.

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