Thursday, May 28, 2009

$5 For You @ Urban Outfitters

While browsing the internet I came across some amazing deals at Urban Outfitters. Yes, you heard me right Urban Outfitters. Normally, I don't shop there unless it's for something specific... the hipster teens and high prices make it less than desirable but, now they have an amazing $5 sale section on their website for a limited time. Here are some of my favorite picks:
  • Pearl and Ring Drop Earrings, simple and chic $4.99
  • First Lady Sunglasses, to channel a little Jackie O $4.99
  • The Micro Terrarium would make a nice office/housewarming gift $3.99
  • Kimchi Blue Denim Halter Top, only available in size XS (sigh) $4.99
  • Yes We Can by Paula Munier for the activist in your life $4.99
  • Cut Out Hoop Initial Earrings, I'm always looking for the "I" $4.99
  • Studded Sunglasses for those glam days at the beach $4.99
  • Wide Eyes Sunglasses, basic and chic $4.99
  • Lucha Libre Key Caps, another potential housewarming gift LUCHARAN! $4.99
  • Wizard of Oz Glasses, with original illustrations from the L Frank Baum's classic. $4.99
  • Hello Kitty Vinyl Collectibles, series 2! I wonder what Series 1 looked like? $4.99
  • Pocket Jesus, because that's hilarious! $2.99

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