Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bargain Alternative

I love playing this game! Which one is the more expensive one based on the picture alone? Keep reading to find out but keep in mind the choice you made. That being said...

I have been on quite a fervent search for a pair of totally awesome looking (and comfy) snake print flats. Apparently they were only selling the stylish ones for two weeks two months ago. Bummer for me until I found these totally awesome gray ones (left). Alas, they are ridiculously expensive. I love Beirn especially since I got an amazing birthday gift from them last year but $210.00 is too much to spend on something that I am likely to put holes in. So, the search continued until I found a great alternative option. Rocket Dog is one of my favorite shoe brands and I was so excited when I found these shoes (right) at a DSW. Unfortunately, they didn't have them in my size but I was able to track some down on the Rocket Dog website. What I really like about them besides their inexpensive price tag is the fact that they are a whole lots sturdier than the expensive version and from my experience I know would last much longer!

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