Saturday, November 25, 2006

Review Time

I know your all wondering how the midnight madness went at the mall. Well, because I was suffering from severe tryptophan poisoning I ended up just passing out when I got back to my place. Shame on me! But, I redeemed myself by waking up the next morning bright and early and heading up there with renewed enthusiam and sugar so I didn't fall asleep again. I can't even imagine how crazy it must have been at midnight because when I got there at 9 in the AM it was pretty extreme. There was no more space in the valet parking, there were state troopers everywhere, and I had to drive around forever and block off an entire lane of cars just to get a parking space that I had been waiting for before someone tried to steal it. The best musing about the experience had to be from my brother while we waited on the hour long line to get into the Coach outlet. He said that nothing was worth waiting on a line that long except a roller coaster at Six Flags. I beg to differ. In the end I got some gifts for people on my list as well as some t's at Juicy Couture for myself (tee hee). Next year I'm not eating Thanksgiving dinner, I'm just drinking coffee and heading up there for the madness.

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Rachel said...

Oh man I can only imagine how crazy it was lol. I was at line in Target at San Antonio at 4 in the morning and they had to call the cops. Anyway koodos to you for waiting in the line. And I bet you saw some awesome prices.