Saturday, November 25, 2006


While browsing through e-mails I got a notice about some new revolutionary pieces of jewelry. Now, we all know how I am about the bling so of course I started to browse. And as I was admiring the cute, handmade designs I was moved to perhaps purchse on of these cute bracelets. Until, that is, I looked at the price. I know Lacquerite is innovative, forward fashion worked entirely by hand that originated with Molly Jackson and which utilize revolutionary liquid polymers from a company pioneering progressive "green technologies". But Artisan produced or not they don't seem like they are worth the hefty $285.00 that is being charged. They look like slap braclets! Hmmm... maybe I would change my mind if I tried one on but that'll probably never happen since I'm not going to shell out the dough. If anyone gets to try one on let me know how it is.

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