Saturday, September 02, 2006

On The Job

Working on Saturdays is not the kind of thing that I looked forward too during the summer because it was beautiful, sunny, and I could have been at the beach working on my tan. But with the start of September comes the crappy weather and back to school so I suppose sitting in my solitary office on my solitary floor just chilling isn't that bad. You can get your work done in your own time and as long as it's done it's done, no one breathing down your neck or throwing more things on the pile (I literally do have piles on my desk) and being comfy. Right now I'm wearing my brand spankin' new Apple Bottom jeans (love them and I managed to get into a crazy small size for me yay!), graphic tee, and Puma speed cats. I've also traded in the Spy that I have been attached to all week for my Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy. Honestly, I just need to start carrying a smaller bag but that's a whole different story.

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