Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back To The World Of Fashion

Today will be my first day back at ths comp blogging about fashion since the fifth and I apologize. I sank into a deep depression when Fashion Week came to the city and the only chance I had of getting in the tents was in Istanbul until the day of the show. Sufficet to say I was not contacted until the day after he returned, and after the show. Cest la vie I suppose, there is always the spring. So I return to the world dressed for success and a little but of fun. I'm wearing a Tara Jarmon mini, with a short sleeved scoop neck sweater from The Gap like this, black blazer from The Gap as well like this, and these adorble ballet flats. If I switch the flats to some sexy heels I could go out on the town. And of course my trusty, fit-everything, Spy bag. Translates from office to schools and out on the town. Love it. I've got much new news so check back later as I update.

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Alex said...

im so glad you have returned!!