Friday, September 22, 2006

How Small Is Too Small?

"Since Spain denounced the use of models with a BMI of 18 or less the debate has become a hot topic in the fashion world. Paul Smith announced his belief yesterday that healthier looking models would soon dominate the catwalks. Smith made his announcement after showing a masculine womenswear collection at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster. The models who appeared in show were by no means 'normal' sized but in the fashion world 'normal' means thin and 'thin' means unhealthy. Model Laura Tempany said in the Telegraph that models from poorer countries whose families depended on them for money were under enormous pressure to stay thin.This issue has dominated London Fashion Week... Even the culture minister, Tessa Jowell stepped in to give her tuppence worth.Whether this is going to be a lasting change in the extravagant world of fashion, or just a chance for the industry to jump onto a worthy bandwagon like the fur debates in the 90's remains to be seen." -- Catwalk Queen
I find this slightly refreshing becuase being not a size 2 sometimes makes me feel self concious of my size, unattractive, and all that garbage that sometimes can't be help when faced with the standard of beauty today. Maybe as people start getting a little more realistic there will be a change in what is the socially acceptable picture of beauty.

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Alex said...

i agree. i like that some agencies and the like are more realistic.