Monday, May 14, 2007

Speaking of Summer...

That's right, dreaded swimsuit shopping is here. Whether your a big girlies, skinny twig, or just that amazingly Gisele-esq perfect curvy bitch we all hate it's tough to find something that works perfectly. My personal favorites are Coco Reef bikinis. Now, up until last summer you wouldn't have caught me dead in a bikini because (not to brag) but I have very ample bosom and they just don't make suits for that plus I was way more chunky but, I digress. At least I thought they didn't make suits like that until I found them @ Macy's. So exciting!

If you are on the curvier side and are looking for more coverage you can check any major department store for a one piece to suit you. If your looking for something in the plus size department that isn't something your grandmother would wear then definitely check out Torrid. They have some really cute, flattering pieces for the real women with curves!

Lastly, if you are one of those perfect bodied people that we all hate you can probably get away with wearing this craziness. Which is unfair because it's so freaking cheap and you have a perfect body! Although the one pieces look kinda funky the separates look like you could make them work for most body types and at $10 a pop why not give it a try.

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