Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I know, I've been MIA forever. Sorry for that but non shopping duties called. Now that I'm sitting down at the computer and typing to you fashionistas out there it makes me realize how much I've missed you! I have so much to tell you but I'll start with something little.

Today, I went shopping with a friend of mine to help her pick out strappy sandals for a cocktail event this Thursday. Now, we were leaning twoards the "probably never going to wear it again, super budget" side of things and made our way to Payless. As much as I would never shop there regularly sometimes it can come through in a pinch, like today. She managed to get one time use black strappy things, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But, on our way over to Payless we developed a new mission: quick fix shoes for your truly. Today was a sad day. I have worn my fav pair of Hollywould flats to oblivion. I will consult with the shoe guru this weekend (aka my fab cobbler) and see if they can be fixed but I needed something so I could stop tripping over my own feet. Thankfully Payless saved me with these super comfy flip flops. Looks like Crocs, feels like Crocs, but are not Crocs! And thankfully so because not only are Crocs cliche but they are expensive. For a mere $14.99 I feel like I'm walking on clouds in the same skater girl style I rocked back in the day. O yeah...

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