Monday, May 14, 2007

And You Thought Top Shop Was Going To Be Crazy...

Kate Moss will be nude at Christie’s this month, but it’s not what you think. A series of photographs depicting the supermodel sans clothing will be auctioned on May 31, including a 1996 print by Irving Penn ($44,000) and a 6 x 6-foot image by Albert Watson (30,000) In addition, a set of six prints of Moss without makeup, taken by Chuck Close, is estimated to sell for up to $40,000. An unpublished photo, being auctioned by one of the 33-year-old model’s friends, is expected to sell for about $12,000. And the list just keeps on going. Yuka Yamaji, head of photography for the auction house, in a statement called Moss “a cultural icon and arguably the most influential model of our day.” I'm not sure if that is 100% true but it seems many people (with lots of money) might disagree with me.

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